All things green

like the word green — in one of my writing classes it was used as the perfect example of a homonym and we would chime in, identifying the multiple meanings of the word. Obviously, to begin, it’s used to identify a color. From there, though, the word takes on a gamut of meanings; environmentally friendly, healthy, envious, cold hard cash, and feeling ill, to name a few.

This month is the perfect time for the word. With spring right around the corner, green is popping up everywhere. We’re certainly getting the rain we need and it is creating the green rolling hills I remember seeing growing up. From the coastal stretch of highway between Paso Robles and the coast, to the southbound portion of 101 that rounds the grade and dips into San Luis, the Central Coast is beginning to look a little more like the Emerald Isle, and just in time.

St. Patrick’s day is this weekend, so green attire will likely be seen everywhere. The ingredients for corned beef and cabbage are already flying off grocery store shelves as many local residents prepare to make a meal they will likely only make once this year. Also, if you missed out on Mardi Gras celebrations, St. Patty’s day is the next best holiday to indulge in cheesy, plastic beads and other fun attire.

One of Atascadero’s oldest businesses, Glenn’s Repair and Rental, was recently awarded Platinum Status as a Honda Power Equipment dealer through Honda’s Green Dealer Program. They have implemented a few strategies for “going green” including switching to energy efficient light bulbs and using solar power. Congrats to businesses like Glenn’s Repair for taking a green initiative!

The Paso Robles City Council recently approved a measure that will help a certain green community get the licensing it needs to operate legally in the state. The measure is one step in helping a group of local, small business owners operate successfully in the area.

Speaking of helping local businesses, this week unofficially kicks off an event-packed tourist season that will bring thousands of visitors to the area over the coming months, which is always good for business. Vintage Paso’s ZinposiumSeminar, which is sold out, kicks everything off Friday evening, followed by Saturday’s main event, in which nearly every winery in Paso will be celebrating in some way, finally followed up Sunday with the Z After Party, which is also sold out. Cheers to having local events sell out!

If you can’t make it to one of the two main events, venture out Saturday to a new winery, or stop by an old favorite, where there will be plenty to do and tons of wine to taste. Many wineries are taking advantage of Vintage Paso and St. Patrick’s Day falling on the same day. Check out our Vintage Paso Preview on page A13 and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

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