AMS students take variety of elective classes

Photo courtesy of Atascadero Middle School

Atascadero Middle School students exhibit their innovation, creativity and leadership through a wide variety of elective classes.  This begins in sixth grade, where they spend the year rotating through each of five offerings: Computer Coding, Music, Art, Greenshop Design and College/Career Readiness (through Career Cruising). These courses form the basis for their pursuit through the seventh and eighth grade elective wheels and on to a CTE pathway in high school and beyond. The focus in each class is on working to become college, career and citizenship-ready through talent and teamwork.

Pictured are: sixth graders Brian McMichael and Kendall Power (assembling their bongos in Greenshop Design), Brandon Gray and Molly Stornetta (researching carreers on their Chromebooks during Career Cruising), Kailey Ardouin and Joaquin Dugas (working on a painting activity in Art), and several students programming in Computer Coding. Left to right with the flutes are: Shelby Kessler, Kali Candela, and Courtney Elkins.  The student holding the musical notes is Brooke Halasey.

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