Anna and Mom shop celebrates milestone

ATASCADERO — The boutique gift shop Anna and Mom on Estrada Avenue in downtown Atascadero is celebrating its first year in business with some sales and plans for the future.

Owner Anna Pecharich, who’s at the shop six days a week with help from Mom Jill Olsen and other family members for events, says she’s still enjoying the ability to chat with every customer.

“People are not used to going shopping in our little town, but things are changing slowly,” she said, sharing a moment with a customer who remarked they’d just discovered the place.

For the week of Aug. 27 the store had just come off the high point of participating in the 23 business, 300 patron, Art and Wine Walk the previous Friday.That, Pecharich said, got the whole family involved with her son and daughter helping out and local Sweet Grace Cookie Co. pairing flavors with Felten Cellars inside the shop.

“I’ve always been very close with my parents,” Pecharich said, noting that this move into retail followed having a wholesale brand with her mother about 12 years previously which they ran from their respective homes on opposite coasts.

Now back in California, in fact about 10 minutes from the Atascadero shop, Pecharich said they’re going more with branding that signifies a wider array of goods than people might assume, using A+M on signs instead of the full moniker.

“I’m Anna and I’m a Mom and we do it all,” she said.

Tagglined as, “clothing & gifts for children & the people who love them,” Anna and Mom did not establish itself as a maturity brand initially but has come to stock more “transitional” clothes for recent mothers as well as “cute clothes” for toddlers in the $20 to $38 range.

In their backroom, which recently hosted a pop-up shop exclusively for maternity clothes from another vendor, the stock is still being sold off but a demand was uncovered.

“We realized there is no other maternity shop exclusively in SLO County,” she said, giving them the imputing to make that a regular part of the business in the future.

For the moment though offerings include decor items from local artists, interesting gifts for all genders, and occasionally some things fathers in particular would enjoy.

The aesthetic is “rustic chic” with an eye toward repurposed items, Pecharich explains, noting that the occasional antique makes the place quite attractive for their out-of-town shoppers.

“We get a lot of grandparents buying gifts, a lot of people staying at the Carlton,” she said. “Town is changing around us and that’s been very positive. There are places that have been open here for three years just now being discovered.”

In addition to her Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule Pecharich has been known to “help a mom out,” by appointment at 805-464-2922.


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