Atascadero Hay and Feed cancels annual Chick Days

ATASCADERO — Atascadero Hay and Feed’s highly anticipated annual Chick Days event, originally scheduled to kickoff later this month on March 25-26, has unfortunately been cancelled.

Due to recent unpredictable weather conditions, the local family owned and operated business, located at 6155 Via Ave., felt it is was in both the animal and business’s best interests to postpone the event until next year.

“Even though Chick Days is an event that a lot of people look forward to, we just can’t afford to risk the bird’s health and welfare,” Theresa Harrison of Atascadero Hay and Feed said.

The weather would undoubtedbly affect where the animals could be kept and consequently, also the amount of lighting they could be provided with.

On top of that, Atascadero Hay and Feed would also have to keep their hay outside during this time. If it were to rain, all of those bales would mold and could obviously no longer be sold and distributed to customers.

The event, held by San Luis Obispo County’s “baby chick and poultry headquarters,” is typically one of the biggest opportunities for residents to either start or expand their own flock.

In years past Atascadero Hay and Feed has stocked nearly all breeds of chicken in combination with ducks, turkey, geese and various other meat birds, Harrison said. This year the store was expecting over 4,000 chicks.

In lou of the unfortunate weather conditions, owner Kevin Buffett has decided to essentially split up the normally one-day long event into several smaller sales.

“Instead of one big event, we’ve decided to just bring in about 300 chicks each week,” Harrison said.

Customers can either pick from the breeds that are in already in store or opt to special order.

For any questions contact Atascadero Hay and Feed at (805)461-6411.

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