Atascadero resident struck by a vehicle in Templeton

Christine M. Watkins, 32, of Atascadero, was walking westbound on Main Street on March 27 when she was hit by a vehicle at approximately 6:30 p.m. Maliysa L. Briggs, 39, of Templeton, was trying to exit a driveway north of 7th Street onto Main street when she struck Watkins with her 2016 Kia Soul.

Watkins attempted to avoid the vehicle, but was struck by the front right of the Kia at 5 -10 mph.

Briggs was unable to see Watkins as her vision was obscured by the setting sun and light reflecting off windows from a nearby business.

“This impeded her ability to safely clear the roadway before proceeding,” said Officer Patrick Seebart of the California Highway Patrol.

After the collision, Watkins' friends moved her to the right shoulder to wait for medical attention. Briggs moved her vehicle to the right shoulder of Main Street, north of the collision, before California Highway Patrol arrived.

The investigating officer did not recommend any charges be filed against Briggs.

Watkins suffered a possible broken bone and abrasions. She was transported to Twin Cities Hospital via San Luis Ambulance.


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