Atascadero School Board meets in the plains

SANTA MARGARITA — The Atascadero Unified School District Board decamped to the far reaches of their district for their regular meeting on April 2.

Held in the two-classroom Carissa Elementary schoolhouse on Carrizo Plain, the trustees were fed by locals at a specially prepared dinner and got a tour of the facility; treatment they don’t normally receive at board meetings held in their meeting room behind Atascadero Middle School.

Leaving their normal meeting facilities in a district shuttle at 4 p.m., the Board reportedly made a quick stop to see wildflowers along State Route 58, near Shell Creek Road, a unique perk for this year.

On the agenda were the initial bargaining proposals with the California School Employees Association, the union representing the district’s non-teacher employees.

Stacey Phillips, the executive assistant to Superintendent Tom Butler, noted on Wednesday morning that while the timing of union negotiations does tend to fall closely with their annual out-of-town meeting, nothing unusual was on the agenda.

Among the clarifications, the AUSD asked of the union was to amend language on what constitutes regular work days, with the Association looking at wage schedules in their list of topics. The board action was to accept that the documents had been sent and received.

The board began the meetings in outlying schools of the District some years ago after formerly independent districts in Creston and Santa Margarita were merged into Atascadero’s authority. The annual visits rotate between schools on the edges of AUSD boundaries, with 2020’s scheduled for Santa Margarita’s elementary school.

Other items of note for the meeting included an update on the Atascadero High School girls locker room facility. As a matter of civil rights law, the remodel must bring the facility to equal quality and size with the boys locker rooms.


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