Barbecue catches apartment building on fire

ATASCADERO — An Atascadero apartment building caught fire June 23 at approximately 3:43 p.m. after a barbeque caught a nearby wooden fence on fire and the fire spread to the building. Now 19 residents of the complex are without a home.

The fire occurred at 9905 El Camino Real in the apartment complex and was reported by the occupants of the apartment. When firefighters arrived they found a two-story, six-unit apartment building with a fire in one unit that was spreading to nearby apartments. The firefighters had to address the challenge of a bank of six electrical meters that were involved in the fire that could not be shut down.

It took firefighters a total of 45 minutes to control the fire and 25 personnel were used. Atascadero Fire, Atascadero State Hospital Fire, Paso Robles Fire, Templeton Fire and Cal Fire were all on-scene.

The estimated property valued loss was $200,00 plus another $50,000 in content value loss.


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