Beraud announces for 5th District Supervisor

Candidate Ellen Beraud (photo submitted)

ATASCADERO  — Former Atascadero City Council member and onetime mayor Ellen Beraud will publicly announce her candidacy for San Luis Obispo County 5th District Supervisor on Saturday.

Beraud’s official announcement will take place at 4 p.m. Saturday on the Atascadero City Hall steps, 6500 Palma Ave., with current and former local elected officials expected to be in attendance.

The cat’s out of the bag though, with a campaign website registered over a month ago and a press release announcing her announcement sent on Wednesday.

Now marking her second decade living in Atascadero, a cursory internet search will turn up some other current titles, Clinical Dietician at Atascadero State Hospital, and the Facilities Chief Steward for the labor union at the Hospital, Beraud is also Atascadero City Councilwoman Susan Funk’s recent appointment to the Atascadero Planning Commission.

As being a member of the Board of Supervisors is a full-time job, she notes she’ll likely have to step down from that planning role if elected.

“I just don’t agree with the current Board majority on many issues,” she said, in a phone call with the Atascadero News. “This would be [Debbie] Arnold’s third term and with so many years of conflict on the Board, I think it’s simply time for a fresh start.”

What’s more, she added, she takes issue with the attitude of the Board as a whole.

“They don’t act with compassion...I’m very concerned about the County’s future and think it’s time citizens’ voices were actually heard in the planning process,” she said.

Regional issues she’s stayed abreast of include the Diablo Canyon closure, which she notes is having effects even in Atascadero, where her next door neighbor is planning his own future as a PG&E employee, and of course regulation of cannabis as a growing industry, exemplified by recent Board decisions regarding the York Mountain project.

On Saturday, she said, she plans to make broader remarks about the vision for the district, and why her experience is a unique qualifier for the County post.

For example, she noted, how the Atascadero mayoral post, which rotated between Councilmembers by seniority before becoming an elected position, gave local leaders a breadth of managerial experience.

Beraud can be reached on the web through

Arnold has announced she is running for re-election. The California Primary is March 3, 2020.


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