Bippity bobbity boo: Cinderella's Closet Comes to Templeton High School

TEMPLETON — In conjunction with the school’s leadership department, led by Matthew MacFarlane and sorority sisters from Cal Poly’s Alpha Omicron Pi,  Templeton High School will be hosting a Cinderella’s Closet event and a Fairy Godmother’s Salon for prom this weekend.

Kaci Mott, a graduate from Atascadero High School and a junior now at Cal Poly said, “I was inspired to bring the event to Templeton High School because it had been so successful at Atascadero when I was there.” 

So with encouragement and assistance from instructor Matt MacFarlane and her mom Kim Mott, who runs the Templeton chapter of Friday Night Live, Mott was able to offer the event alongside her sorority sisters to students at Templeton High School.

Although there are several “Fairy Godmother” projects across the country, the event originated in March 2005 when five friends from Dublin, Ohio were on a girls’ trip to Chicago. While they were there they became aware of ‘The Glass Slipper Project’ which is an organization that gifts prom dresses and accessories free of charge to high school girls in need in the Chicago area. Now with more than 250 volunteers involved throughout the year, the original “Fairy Godmothers” has gifted more than 9,000 gowns from its first Cinderella’s Closet in 2006 through the 2016 prom season.

Last week, THS students searched through at least 45 dresses in  “Cinderella’s Closet” for a dress to wear to the prom. The dresses have been donated by both THS and Cal Poly students and Saturday, May 13, they can visit the “Fairy Godmother’s Salon” where the sorority sisters will be offering free hair and makeup, said MacFarlane.

As for next year? “We are absolutely planning on doing it again”  MacFarlane said. “The great thing about it is that it’s a locking arms kind of thing. What we are trying to develop here in ASB is people coming alongside other people. When someone has the ability to share, people are stepping up. And it’s these little steps that change a culture, that help everyone feel included and that they have a place.”

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