Bomb threat hoax throughout SLO County and nationwide

COUNTY — The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, along with a number of law enforcement agencies nationwide, received reports on Thursday, Dec. 13, of a bomb threat being emailed to various entities, primarily businesses. Usually included in that threat was an extortion demand for money in the form of bitcoin to avoid the detonation of the bomb.
As of this time, all of these threats have proven to be unfounded, according to officials.
Officials believed all of these bomb threats are related to a larger hoax nationwide and appear to originate from outside the U.S. The FBI is currently investigating these threats. The Sheriff’s Office is also investigating as well as other city police departments and law enforcement agencies within the county as various locations in San Luis Obispo County were targeted with the hoax.
The Sheriff’s Office recommends if you receive one of these threats to contact the law enforcement agency in your area.


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