Call for artists: Zappas family sponsors $10K Atascadero mural project

ATASCADERO Artists are invited to submit a drawing to be produced into a 59’x16’ mural on a gas station wall off El Camino in downtown Atascadero. An optional 17’x16’ wall is available if needed for the design. The mural contest began in support of Women’s Equality Day, as part of the “City Beautiful Movement” that dates back to the city’s roots. The deadline for the sketch, sponsored by the Zappas family and Z Villages property development team, will be Aug. 29.

Submissions will be judged by regional artists Julie Dunn and Jill Thayer, and Atascadero Historical Society member, Lon Allen. The winner will be announced at the 44th-annual Atascadero Colony Days celebration on Oct. 21st, with a $10,000 prize to begin work on the mural. All mediums will be considered.

The call for artists came in honor of “Women’s Equality Day,” observed on Aug. 26, commemorating the 1920 certification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote.

Seven years before American women won the right to cast a ballot, Atascadero’s founders Edward Gardner Lewis and his wife Mabel Lewis, named Atascadero “the Women’s Republic” and had been early supporters of women’s suffrage. Because of the Lewis’ beliefs, women were able to buy and hold land in Atascadero back in 1913. The Lewis’ also held women’s congresses on important issues, and thousands of women used to travel to Atascadero by horseback, buggy, and train to express their collective voices.

Entries may be sent to email: [email protected] in pdf format. Organizers ask artists to include their names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers in an attachment with submissions.

You may contact Beth Giuffre at [email protected] for questions and/or feedback.

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