Center of attention: Mikayla Fetzer earns All-NC honors

With fiery teammates like Hannah Flickinger, Kiana Subia, Serena Ramirez and Marina Garcia lighting up the stats, Atascadero High School senior Mikayla Fetzer played a dominant role in the center of the team on and off the field, earning the title of All-North County Girls Soccer Player of the Year.

Fetzer’s coach Miguel Figueroa had high praise for his fourth captain and her role as a leader on the Greyhounds varsity girls soccer team.

“She was the whole package this year, in and out of the field,” Figueroa said. ”Mikayla came this year as a senior and I always told her its about performance and leadership and embracing other players with compassion. She came and was very nice and wanted to leave on top and leave a legacy to the other girls.”

Figueroa saw that Fetzer was picking up what he put down, and that catapulted her into a leadership role she embraced.

“After the scrimmage, I put her as my fourth captain,” Figueroa said. “She earned it and she never looked back.”

With a stacked defense behind her — senior Hina Nogi, freshman Mackenzie Wright, and senior Melanie Ragain — and a lights-out offense in front of her — seniors Marina Garcia and Hannah Flickinger, and frosh phenom Kiana Subia — Fetzer had the tools to do the job and it was up to her to fill a big role.

“Tremendous,” Figueroa said of his fourth captain. “She was the organizer. She organized and defended. She played every minute. She is like Hina and Serena, they never come out of the game.”

With the work ethic of local farmer, and the tenacity of a honey badger, Fetzer brought an uplifting spirit to the team.

“She was always smiling and always positive,” Figueroa said.

For Figueroa, it was just the right mixture for the centerpiece of the team.

“She was the piston that worked the engine,” Figueroa said. “She was the center-point for all the team. Between her and Serena, they were the conductors of the team offensively and defensively. She was one of the most important players on the field.”

While her teammates racked up goals, Fetzer quietly played as the catalyst for the team’s success.

“Pretty much every play starts with her,” Figueroa said. “She was very important to every aspect of the team.”

According to reports, Fetzer was undecided on her destination after high school, but University of Arizona and collegiate soccer are possibilities.

All-North County Girls Soccer Player of the Year

AHS senior Mikayla Fetzer

All-North County Defensive POY

AHS senior Hina Nogi

All-North County Offensive POY

PRHS senior Maddie Mitchell

All-North County

Goalkeeper of the Year

PRHS  Alexi Serna

All-NC Girls Soccer Team

AHS freshman Mackenzie Wright

AHS junior Serena Ramirez

THS senior Mackenzie Wilson

AHS senior Marina Garcia

PRHS senior Sydney Esser

PRHS sophomore Elise Scheiffele

PRHS sophomore Giselle Zatarain

AHS freshman Kiana Subia

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