Children’s Day in the Park’ coming up

Representatives of The Link Family Resource Center at an Atascadero community event for youth drug abuse prevention in Feb. 2019 (photo by Camas Frank).


ATASCADERO — The 30th Annual Children's Day in the Park is coming to the Atascadero Lake Park on Saturday, April 6.

Lisa Fraser, executive director of The Link Family Resource Center, explained this is the third year her local agency has taken the lead role, partnering with the City of Atascadero for the event during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the event differentiates itself from other “Family Friendly” City activities by becoming “Child Focused,” Fraser said. Children’s entertainers and light activities abound to engage the little ones while Mom, Dad or any other caregivers are taken on a tour of available resources to help with raising a child in San Luis Obispo County.

A similar event takes place in the City of San Luis Obispo’s Mission Plaza, but the lakeside Atascadero event saves the expense of a drive for families in the North County.

The Link is one of 30 participating agencies and nonprofits for the event often serving as a clearinghouse to link up available resources to those in need, be it forestalling eviction to keep a family housed or accessing special educational services.      

Their Family Resource Centers in SLO County, “support families and youth to increase their capacity to be healthy, productive, and contributing members of the community through direct services, referrals, information distribution, work experience opportunities, individual support, and parent education,” notes their website.

Fraser said there is no income cap on who can use their services, as assessments are need-based and the event exists to create conversations about community needs.

The Day in the Park attempts to “create an event to form accessible relationships to those services,” she said.

The event is designed to be fun for kids and families to explore while picking up information.

Local business who would like to help sponsor the event or reserve a booth space can call 805-466-5404 before April 1 for more information.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a tradition continued as one of many renewed by proclamation at the Federal level by the sitting president.


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