Commentary: False analogies to real crusades

My last article “A Pretense to Save the Planet” critiqued the Progressive/Democrats adoption of environmental extremism under the guise of saving the planet. Last week they rolled out their “Green New Deal” agenda, comparing their efforts to the global fight against Nazi fascism and Imperial Japan’s aggression for global conquest in World War II, an effort costing over 60 million lives, trillions in expenditures and remade the maps of the world.

The WWII effort was sparked by real threats to the very survival of whole categories of people, especially European Jews and the survival of Western Civilization. Nazi Germany was a major industrial power with an extraordinary scientific base capable of designing the most horrendous of advanced weapons. Japan’s military was rooted in a feudal mentality, was absolutely ruthless towards civilians and military prisoners in conquered countries and posed a direct threat to every nation of the Pacific.

Japan’s military first attacked China in Manchuria in 1931 and staged an incident in 1937 to justify total war against China in 1937, raping, burning and murdering across China in a manner that would have made Genghis Khan proud. In the Chinese city of Nanking, a cosmopolitan city by any definition, Japan’s army raped 40,000 women and girls and murdered over 200,000 civilians in a six-week orgy of blood during September of 1937. They also attacked American and British warships on the Yangtze River patrol, killing numerous military personnel, sinking the American gunboat “Panay.” We did nothing beyond diplomatic protests and sanctions. Japan was also the only nation to use biological weapons in WWII via “Unit 731” which performed grotesque medical experiments on Chinese civilians (killing an estimated 200,000 Chinese) and prisoners of war.

Meanwhile, the Nazis purged Jews and everyone else they didn’t like in Germany, extending their onerous racial and ethnic policies to other countries in Europe via annexation and military conquest, while slaughtering millions of East European and Russian civilians. America failed to respond directly until after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and German’s declaration of war against the United States four days later. In America, “women in black” in Massachusetts, a Democrat political action group, protested Lend Lease and Roosevelt’s cooperation with the British. (Some things never change). They reflected the isolationism of most Americans at the time. The British had held off Nazi Germany alone after the fall of France in 1940 and by sheer force of will, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill kept Britain free and in the war, overcoming the desire of his war cabinet to settle with Hitler and make a negotiated peace in the summer of 1940. America dithered for another 18 months as Britain fought on alone. When America eventually entered the war the nation was united in a truly, great moral crusade to save the world which we did at great cost in blood and treasure.

Fast-forward to present day and we encounter calls for a crusade against climate change as if the gradual changes in climate pose anything like the immediate threat posed by the Nazi or Japanese war machines. Democrats have unveiled “The Green New Deal” which, according to most sane and credible analysts, will destroy the American economy, personal freedom and will relegate America to the status of an impoverished, third world country.

The climate changes naturally over time due to a multitude of natural forces to which human influences are minuscule. The threat posed by environmental zealots, however, poses a direct threat to liberty and the economic future of the nation. The “greens” say that we must sacrifice our liberty, standard of living and future hopes on the “altar of environmentalism” to save the planet. Their program would eliminate all fossil fuel use by 2030, by implication eliminating cars, trucks and air travel or dramatically curtailing it. Planes fly on refined fossil fuels and there’s nothing to replace it. Elimination of the fossil fuel industry immediately destroys 6 million jobs and an equal number of jobs directly supporting the industry. The aircraft industry would evaporate along with hundreds of thousands of supporting jobs in that industry. Tourism will cease to exist as would the economy of SLO County, so dependent upon tourism for now and in the future. Costs for everything would skyrocket, especially oil prices in the global market. Russia would love this as they dream of oil priced over $100/barrel which is used to directly feed their military.

Our economy, however, would collapse, especially when China refuses to buy our debt which is now about $22 Trillion dollars. The up-front down-payment for America to begin to adopt the Green New Deal is $13.4 Trillion, over 3X the entire, current federal budget. Add Medicare for all and we face a debt of $50 trillion, enormous debt-interest payments and a third world economy. It is reasonable to assume that structural unemployment in America could reach 50% or more of the workforce as head-of-household jobs evaporate permanently. Most “green” jobs pay considerably less than occur throughout industrial America and promises of a clean, high-tech economy have been empty for working Americans; just ask Appalachian residents how the destruction of their energy-related jobs worked out for them.

The underlying assumptions of the climate alarmists are provably false for those inclined to research them. An evolving climate poses no comparison to any moral crusade, be it ending the Holocaust or fighting for civil rights; it is simply a device for would-be tyrants to rule your life.


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