Commentary: If we can’t talk about it…

When you are heavily censored for speaking the truth you can’t fix a problem. In Europe, especially in France, Belgium, Germany and Britain, criticism of any protected class however valid, factual or relevant can get you imprisoned. Governments are more interested in covering up inconvenient facts than addressing a politically incorrect problem.

The West has a problem with false narratives and a willful disregard for the truth. On one hand, the internet and social media facilitates the most outrageous lies reminiscent of pre-WWII Nazi propaganda to the uninformed, the ignorant and losers full of hate and resentment. This leads to self-radicalization and results in tragedies such as we experienced in Poway last weekend. Such propaganda perpetuates lies spread by anti-Semites and radical Islamists about the Jewish communities in whatever countries they reside.

It’s doubly shameful when such lies are spread in our college campuses, supposed places of higher learning and Jewish students find themselves subjected to hateful harassment by their peers and college professors unless they agree to take a hostile stance towards the Jewish State of Israel. Students that refuse are often subjected to not just verbal harassment but also physical threats and violence.

The American “Left” has adopted a vicious strain of anti-Semitism which seems to have been unofficially adopted by the Democrat Party as evidenced by the gyrations that party went through a month ago when it couldn’t bring itself to specifically, forcefully condemn a Muslim congresswoman’s hateful, anti-Semitic remarks about the American Jewish community. It was not the first time this congresswoman made such remarks and she continues to do so, joined by other radical Progressive democrats who defended her with the trope that criticism of her was somehow racist instead of holding her accountable.

The mainstream media significantly contributes to the false narratives about Jews, Christians and other minorities not currently in political favor by the Left when they withhold facts or politicize a story. White males are a favorite target and last weekend’s terrorist attack permits regurgitation of the myth of a rise in “White Nationalism.” The usual “talking-heads” appear endlessly on TV, repeating the lie that racism and white nationalism are on the rise in America, all attributable of course to President Trump’s election.

In fact, the Justice Department statistics on this issue reveal that the reported rise in hate crimes is less a factor of an increase in such crimes than increased accurate reporting by local law enforcement agencies. Over the last three years over 1000 local law enforcement agencies have begun reporting these types of crimes which has swelled the overall numbers reported (hate crimes have remained stable relative to the population). Selective reporting by the media also highlights attacks that support their favored narrative (the rise of white nationalism) while ignoring instances that don’t support the lie. Did you hear about the shooting that occurred in Baltimore last Sunday that killed one and wounded seven? There was a brief mention of that incident on CNN and on Breitbart News but it was virtually ignored by most national media, (major networks, the NY Times and Washington Post).

In Europe, attacks on Jews are becoming commonplace,  resulting in a major out-migration of the Jewish community, so much so that the French government has expressed official concern. Over 5000 Jews left France for Israel last year and the trend is continuing as hostile Muslim gangs along with far-right anti-Semitic groups increasingly use violence against the Jewish community. Jews don’t feel safe in France or in much of Europe any longer.

Christians in France are also being subjected to increased intimidation which the government papers-over with euphemisms such as “violent secular forces.” Did you know that in the two weeks prior to the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral 12 Christian churches were burned in France? Has the American media reported that the chief architect for Notre Dame tried to tell a Fox News anchor that the fire in Notre Dame was almost certainly not an accident, only to be cut off mid-sentence with a refusal of the anchor to permit him to finish his remarks? What he tried to say is that the 850 year-old timbers in the roof had hardened and become difficult to ignite without a significant amount of kindling or ignition source. He also would have reminded the public that the wiring in Notre Dame had been replaced to meet the highest current electrical codes with special shielding to prevent fires. He said the cathedral was “hyper-securitized” against accidental fire.

Also not mentioned by most major media outlets is the extent of terrorism being directed at religious communities in France, throughout Europe and globally. In 2018, the French Ministry of Interior reported 100 anti-Muslim acts, 541 anti-Semitic acts and 1063 anti-Christian acts. There is a steep rise in attacks against Christians (primarily by Muslims) and Christian places of worship across France, most of them resulting in vandalism and desecration and attempted arson, some very successful in inflicting major damage. Over the past two years there have been nearly 2000 attacks against Christian places of worship in France and increased violence against Christians globally (e.g., Sri Lanka).

The international media and government bureaucrats have created a wall of silence on the root causes of these incidents and continue to obfuscate, obstruct and deny the root cause of much of this violence. If we can’t talk about it, how can we fix it?


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