Community Unity launches in North County

ATASCADERO  — This week, the Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press, along with several area businesses, will launch an exciting new campaign designed to highlight the goods and services offered locally in north San Luis Obispo County. The year-long ‘Community Unity’ campaign will kick off with a special four-page insert in today’s paper and participating businesses will have a variety of posters, window clings, mats, pens and other fun items to show that they are participating in the campaign.
The theme is “Shop, Play, Stay” and the purpose of the project is to encourage residents to support local businesses.
Many local business owners echoed our feelings recently when we initiated a campaign for Community Unity in north San Luis Obispo County. Without the support of area residents, many small businesses could fail; the need for local patronage is needed now more than ever.
Community Unity is about more than just shopping locally. It’s about creating jobs, attracting visitors and working together to develop a vision for a North County that thrives for decades. This will require a diverse plan that is not tied to one industry or one resource.
We feel our Community Unity logo encourages residents and visitors alike to “shop, stay, and play” locally in north San Luis Obispo County.
Please take time to read and digest the “9 reasons to shop local,” found on the back page of today’s C Section. This powerful message will be seen regularly in the Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press over the next twelve months and will be found on posters and windows all over town. Our business community needs the support of our readers for those nine reasons and countless others.
This campaign would not be possible without the generous support of our 13 core sponsors and the dozens of other local businesses who joined them in asking for Community Unity. To them we are grateful and we join them in encouraging you to “shop, stay, play” in the North County!


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