Community Unity: Ray M. Buban Financial and Tax Service

Nick Medeiros, left, and Ray Buban pose for a photo. (Photo by Camas Frank)

After 35 years in business, all of them in Atascadero, and 34 of them on Morro Road, a local accountant, and prolific booster of youth athletics, Ray M. Buban, EA is going into semi-retirement.

As of this tax season, Nick Medeiros will be assuming control of Ray M. Buban, EA Financial and Tax Service. Medeiros, a CPA, will continue the practice and hours of operation in Buban’s long-standing office located on Highway 41 in Atascadero. Buban and Medeiros confirm that Buban will be staying on to handle special cases and consult as needed.

“I’ve looked at retiring over the last 4 or 5 years but it didn’t work out,” Buban said, “although this time a mark of seriousness and the interested buyer actually meeting clients, and the staff, which is a big plus because the staff likes him and they will be staying and continuing the personal service.”

Their current client base currently span’s the country and because of the size of their practice handling taxes and other financial and accounting filings they already work year-round, not just tax season.

Medeiros would like to expand the firm doing more payroll and bookkeeping.

Buban says he will be available to clients at the office, but that both men will be available in some capacity any time a client needs help, “I’ll make that call at 4 a.m. from the East Coast if that’s what works,” Medeiros added.

He’s also well versed in the tools of digital documentation.

“People are trusting you with their whole financial life, their future,” Buban said adding that he’s seen entire generations through a child’s first bank account to college expense, landing a job, buying a home, getting married and budgeting for nursing homes, “I have clients that run three and four generations.”

“We’re both tax guys. It was important, that our specialization match and also our personalities fit,” Medeiros said. “We really sat down and went through everything during our interview process, to make sure the fit was there for everyone, especially the clients.”

“I was concerned about to whom I would recommend and transfer my clients to,” Buban said, noting that he is introducing Medeiros in an ongoing informal manner. “We expect to be swamped with work by the April deadline, as this is the nature of the business.”

The name on the door will eventually change to match Medeiros’ Morro Bay and Fresno offices, but he is not in a hurry both men added, they have already spent six months getting themselves used to the idea of the transfer.

Medeiros said he doesn’t currently have a lot of free time to volunteer, what with three children at home, but he plans to become more involved with the Atascadero community and continue the sponsorships of local teams and events that Buban is known for.

The orange and grey stylized sign for Ray M. Buban, EA Financial and Tax Service still hangs outside 8425 Morro Rd. in Atascadero, call for details at 805-466-7249.


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