Fire Station provides sand to protect against flooding

ATASCADERO – Fire Station 1 on Lewis Avenue provides sand for the public to fill sandbags. Locals are welcome to bring their own shovel the sand pit, located in the rear of the station, and sandbags, which can be purchased at local hardware stores.

“With the heavy rainfall occurring here this week and with the massive mudslides that took place overnight in Santa Barbara County, I'd like to remind all of our residents that they should be sure to check and clear any storm drains, culverts, drain pipes, ditches and waterways located on their property the help ensure unimpeded water flow,” said City Manager Rachelle Rickard at Tuesday night’s council meeting. “The City cannot go on your property to clear out debris and other things unless it's an emergency, so we're counting on all of our residents to make sure that all of their drainage and creek ways are clean before even more heavy storms hit,” she said.

Rickard asked locals to check and clear all roof gutters and downspouts and install gutter guards or screens if needed, as well as to inspect and trim trees and branches that are hanging onto or scraping against roofs. Keeping a watchful eye for fallen trees or tree limbs or downed power lines is also a helpful safety measure.

“Be ready for possible storm-related power outages by checking flashlights and batteries and having plenty of nonperishable food and water on hand,” Rickard added. “Make sure that leaves and grass are not blown into streets, ditches, ponds or other waterways, as the debris will plug inlets and pipes, increasing the risk of localized flooding. Keep in mind that very heavy rainfall in a very short time may temporarily flood streets until a storm wash is clear and debris that has been allowed to accumulate on inlet grates will prolong flooding issues.”

If unusual flooding of streets or storm facilities occurs, the City recommends to immediately call dispatch at 805-461-5051.

Photo by Beth Giuffre of the Atascadero News

A local contractor and worker fill up sandbags at the Atascadero fire station Wednesday for an Atascadero nonprofit site.

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