Fires hit the North County

NORTH COUNTY — Three fires broke out in the North County this week. The first was a building fire in the well known Mercantile of Santa Margarita. The others were vegetation fires: one on May 28 which was named the Toleman Fire and the other on Tuesday, May 29 called the Vineyard Fire.
The Toleman Fire started with a vehicle fire on the 14000 block of Toleman Rd and Old Morro Rd in Atascadero. The vehicle fire caused nearby vegetation to ignite. Aircraft was called in to assist and advise. The fire held at approximately two acres and the forward progress stopped. Cal Fire crews were expected to mop up the fire for approximately two hours.
The Margarita Mercantile & Company in Santa Margarita caught on fire at 12:44 a.m. The fire started in an apartment behind the Mercantile that was unoccupied. A nearby business, The Porch Cafe was affected by the flames but was able to stay open the following day. The fire was extinguished by Cal Fire and local firefighters and is currently under investigation.
The Vineyard fire started with a couple of acres of grass catching on fire at 7900 block of Estrella Rd in San Miguel. The fire expanded to ten acres while multiple engines and aircraft were on scene. No structures were threatened.
Forward progress of the fire stopped at 19 acres and aircraft were released. Crews began mopping up for several hours. All resources were released and GPS mapping gave an accurate acreage count at 25 acres. The Vineyard fire which was near Estrella Rd and Airport Rd, north of Paso Robles was contained at 100 percent by 4:53 p.m.

Photo captions: Mercantile photo by Rick Evans, Toleman and Vineyard Fires by Cal Fire SLO


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