Former students threatens Cuesta College with bomb

Quick action from staff and faculty eliminates threat

PASO ROBLES — Former student Daniel William Chaides, 45, went to the Student Services area at the Cuesta College North County Campus in Paso Robles and became involved in an argument with school officials on Dec. 12 around 11 a.m.

"During the argument he made statements that he was going to bring a bomb onto campus," Chief Bryan Millard with Cuesta College Police Department said.

The Cuesta College Police Department was able to respond to the situation quickly due to the fact that they have officers stationed at the North County campus, Millard said. An officer took Chaides into custody for threatening school officials and making criminal threats, both felony charges. He was also charged with fighting and offensive words on campus and for violation of parole. Chaide’s bail was set at $50,000.

Police determined that there was no active threat and no other suspects involved. Chaides was taken to county jail and the Cuesta College Police Department sent notice to staff and students within 30 minutes informing them of what had happened and that there was no threat.

Millard credits the staff and faculty for being able to get Chaides into custody quickly.

"All staff and faculty hired are trained in public safety… It worked effectively yesterday to solve a situation before it became worse than it needed to be," he said.

If you see anything suspicious on the Cuesta College San Luis Obispo campus, call (805) 546-3205. To report suspicious activity at the North County campus, call (805) 591-6205.


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