Former Twin Cities CNO accused of killing wife in a civil lawsuit

William Gamba is being sued by his mother-in-law in the death of his wife. (Contributed photo)

TEMPLETON — William Gamba was recently appointed as new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) for Twin Cities Community Hospital on Aug. 6 and was recently accused in the death of his wife, Blaise Gamba in a lawsuit filed on Oct. 30 by Nancy Huhta, the mother of Blaise Gamba.
Huhta is suing William Gamba in the wrongful death of Blaise Gamba. Blaise Gamba drowned off the coast of Florida in November of 2016.
William Gamba recently relocated to the Central Coast to work at Twin Cities Community Hospital where he first started as a director of emergency services at Twin Cities Community Hospital on an interim basis before he was appointed to Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) per a press release from the hospital in August 2018.
As of Nov. 2, William Gamba is no longer with Tenet Healthcare/Twin Cities Community Hospital. It was not made public why he is not with the hospital any longer.
On Nov. 12, 2016, during a boating excursion allegedly while diving and or snorkeling, Blaise Gamba fell unconscious and sustained a medical emergency approximately five miles offshore from Jonathan’s Pass in Pinellas County, Florida.
William Gamba flagged down a good Samaritan who boarded the Gamba’s boat and radioed for help. The good Samaritan then drove the couple in their rental boat inland while William Gamba performed CPR on his wife, Blaise per preliminary official reports.
When marine deputies and responders arrived, William Gamba had a medical emergency and loss consciousness according to responding officials. They had originally thought the couple sustained diving-related injuries as the couple was wearing wetsuits and diving equipment was onboard. The couple was then transported to Palms of Pasadena Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla.
In the lawsuit, Huhta alleges that William Gamba murdered Blaise Gamba on or about Nov. 13, 2016. That “Blaise Gamba died from injuries intentionally inflicted upon her during a suspicious drowning incident that had occurred at a time when the Defendant, William Gamba, was the only other person present and capable of causing her injuries and death,” reads the lawsuit.
Huhta alleges that his intentions were motivated by his “desire” to obtain financial gain from life insurance proceeds payable upon the death of his wife as well as the sale of their assets, such as their home. Hutha also alleges the motivations as “his extensive and clandestine history of romantic and/or sexual infidelity with other persons during his marriage to Blaise Gamba. She also states in the lawsuit that while Blaise Gamba was alive Blaise Gamba had suspected these extramarital activities. In the month and days leading to her death, she had documented it in her diary and was contemplating confronting William Gamba. After her death, Hutha alleges that William Gamba was concealing these affairs from law enforcement.
Hutha also claims that William Gamba was interested in claiming the primary beneficiary of a total value exceeding $1 million to sustain his “luxury lifestyle” that Blaise Gamba had sustained in their marriage with her career as a lawyer of over 10 years.
Hutha also mentions a long list of staged fraudulent accidents, damage, and injuries for the purpose of collecting insurance payments and how each example increased in severity.
In the lawsuit, Hutha says that her daughter, Blaise Gamba was a physically fit, 37-year-old female who had extensive experience in swimming, snorkeling, and diving. That she had no pre-existing health condition that would lead to her death or made her unfit to go do these aquatic activities. She also says that William Gamba was also physically fit and had no medical condition and suffered no injuries that would cause him to lose consciousness or suffer a seizure.
The lawsuit claims that William Gamba attacked Blaise Gamba as she was swimming on the surface, by pulling her underwater from below and/or held her head underwater until “she became unresponsive and appeared to have drowned.” After “causing her to aspirate enough water” he then allegedly removed her from the water and placed her in the boat. After encountering the good Samaritan boater, Gamba allegedly “acted as if he were tending to Blaise Gamba’s medical needs.” During this time, he showed no injury or trauma. Once they encountered first responders, Hutha alleges “William Gamba than faked a syncopal episode.” Hutha believes that this was an attempt to remove any suspicions of William Gamba. As well as making him unable to answer questions.
The lawsuit continues that they were both transported to shore to Palms of Pasadena Hospital though William Gamba was a “fake medical emergency staged by William Gamba.”
Per the lawsuit, it mentions that Blaise Gamba’s lungs were “full of water” which is “contrary to the statements made by William Gamba that he had administered CPR and that she was breathing at one point after being brought back into the boat.”
After a short admission, Blaise was pronounced dead in the morning of Nov. 13, 2016. The lawsuit claims that William Gamba apparently showed no emotion and was “unusually interested in moving forward with her organ donation.” Her lungs were harvested for donation, yet her heart was not. Hutha claims that the immediate harvesting of Blaise Gamba’s lungs made it difficult to conduct a proper autopsy in her daughter’s death.
Hutha is demanding a trial by jury and judgment against William Gamba and asking for punitive damages. The lawsuit is also stating that William Gamba is not entitled to any proceeds from the sale of any items of Blaise Gamba’s estate, including her home, car and other property as well as the life insurance claims.


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