Garth is coming: What now?

PASO ROBLES — By now everyone knows that country superstar Garth Brooks made history  with the offering of a second show at this year’s Mid-State Fair selling out, again, in less than thirty seconds. The question on everyone’s mind now, since the fair has no precedent to work from, is how they are going to handle such a momentous occasion.

In consideration of this quandary Brooks himself recollected in a Facebook Live recording from June 26 entitled “The music, something his grandfather used to say, that “in every blessing there is a curse. Unfortunately in this situation a lot more people wanted tickets then got them.”

Tom Keffury who handles sponsorship and publicity for the fair, said, “It’s very different in other places. We’re a fair. He (Brooks) usually goes into a big city and rents a building or whatever is necessary to satisfy the demand, including adding shows.”

So we’re very unique in this, we can only handle so many people, but he doesn’t like disappointing his fans, continued Keffury. So with that, the Brooks team, the mid state fair, the CHP and the Sheriff’s Department are working diligently to come up with a strategy that will not only satisfy his fans but create a safe and fun environment for concert goers, fair attendees and the community at large.

The first show will start at 7:30 p.m and with the second show starting at 10:30 p.m. the second concert is expected to go much later into the evening than usual.

Brooks expressed appreciation to everyone involved for the accommodations being made form himself and his fans. “Everybody got together, the city, the mid state fair and lifted the curfew for us. It was very sweet,” said Brooks.

The next step was hiring Peter Kranske, president and CEO of Landmark Event Staffing Services, Inc, who has been responsible for the crowd management operation for 29 Super Bowls, two World Cups and even Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour in 1984. The team had a strategic meeting on Wednesday July 5 and has assured this reporter that as soon as the logistics are nailed down, including but not limited to additional parking, shuttle services and security they will give us all the details so the community at large, including but not limited to fair goers and fans, may be insured of a smooth and successful event.

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