Generator stolen from Glenn’s Repair and Rental

Police seek Santa Maria Man

ATASCADERO — A Santa Maria man later identified as Rogelio Hinojosa walked into Glenn’s Repair and Rental on El Camino Real Saturday at 12:12 p.m. and walked out of the store with a generator worth over $950 without paying, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

Glenn’s Repair and Rental owner Geoff Auslen took to Facebook to share surveillance images of the suspect taking the generator.

“He parked his little Honda CRV out front and was very peculiar the way he came in” Auslen said.

The suspect looked around and Auslen asked if he had any questions or needed any help. The suspect answered him, “Nope just looking,” which Auslen said is normally the thing he hears from his customers. The suspect proceeded to look at the generators and then walked over and looked at the trimmers, Auslen said.

“I kept looking back and the next thing I know, he grabs a generator and waddles out the door,” said Auslen.

Auslen called 911 to report the theft as the suspect drove away.

Rogelio Hinojosa, who appears to be in his 20s or early 30s, was wearing a white shirt and tan cargo shorts and has black hair, a mustache and goatee.

More than 10,000 members of the public saw Auslen’s post on Facebook and within two hours one of them offered a tip on the suspect's name. Auslen also picked Hinojosa’s photo from a police lineup and he was positively identified as Hinojosa.

“We were able to get the license plate number and of course APD has the entire footage of it,” Auslen said.

Auslen was also contacted by another small business from the Santa Maria Area that they also had the suspect steal from them. Santa Maria Police also contacted Atascadero Police after seeing the online posts.

According to Sgt. Jason Carr with the Atascadero Police Department, Hinojosa is also tied to a prior theft in the Santa Maria area.

The stolen generator was a red Honda EU2200 valued at more than $950.

“Pretty blatant to walk in and grab it,” Auslen said.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Hinojosa or the stolen generator, Call the Atascadero Police Department at (805) 928-3781 or (805) 461-5051.


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