Greyhound mens soccer league preview

As students are let out for the holidays so too are the athletes. Many winter sports experience a brief break around Christmas and New Year before this break soccer and basketball teams play in many tournaments as they work to get their rotations set and their feel for their teammates.

The Greyhounds enter their break with a record of 1-8-2. Atascadero has battled the injury bug all season and has had to make do without key players including leading scorer Jose Pena.

“We have had lots of moments of brilliance,” Head Coach JT Camp said. “And some things that we have to work on… at the end of the day, the games that really matter are the league games, that's what pushes you off into post season which is obviously what we hope for.”

The Atascadero News was able to catch up with some of the captains of the team during their time off and ask them about the season so far and about their excitement for league.

Benjamin Garcia - Senior

ATN: “What are you looking forward to most about league this year?”

Garcia: “This is my final year so I want to go to CIF and hopefully do good in CIF. Most of our seniors that we have, I have played with them all four of these past years and even years before that and we all just want to have a good season and finish it off in CIF.”

ATN: “How are you feeling about the team?”

Garcia: “I think we have a good team and we play well. If there is anything we could do better I would probably say finishing our opportunities. There have been a few times in games where we get close to the goal but then make dumb mistakes that cost us goals and also on defense we make mistakes that have cost us goals.”

ATN: “How are you adapting to playing in the midfield this year as opposed to your previous position on defense?”

Garcia: “I like being part of the attack, I like helping score goals. I don't really score but when I feel like I had a big part in scoring a goal I feel good about myself for helping the team. Even if we win and I don't play a good game but we still win I will be down on myself, I just like being a big part of the team.”

ATN: “What team are looking forward to playing most this season?”

Garcia: “Well, Paso. Paso is always the one we want to beat but after them then I would say San Luis, we always play close with them.”

Nick Garza- Senior- Captain

ATN: So you guys are about eight to ten games through the season so far, what are you excited about going forward now that you are going to play the games that really matter and what have you learned about your team so far?

Garza: “I've learned that we need to have a little more faith in each other, including me. I think I kind of take too much on myself, you know, I think we will work better as a team and I think we have bright future ahead of us. League looks like it is going to be fun and good competition and stuff like that, I think we can pull away some Ws.”

ATN: “How did it go at the Garces Tournament in Bakersfield?”

Garza: “The first two games I think we did well. I think we could have won them without some little tiny mistakes that we just need to work on.”

ATN: “What is your main objective over the break?”

Garza: “I’m looking to rest my legs, a lot of us got pretty banged up. Our starting forward, Jose Pena, he is hurt, he might be out for the season but we aren’t sure. Scotty was pretty banged up for most of the weekend but yeah, those that are healthy need to stay that way over the break.”

ATN: “What team are looking forward to playing most this season?”

Garza: “I'm looking forward to… I want to beat AG and San Luis. PV, I want to beat PV too.”

ATN: “Is there anything that you have done differently in this offseason in preparation for your senior year?”

Garza: “I've taken this a lot more seriously. This is my last year I want to make the best of it. Maybe I was a little too hard on myself and my teammates and looking back on that I think I might have been a little too hard on them. You just have to let the game flow and have fun and that’s what we're going to do the rest of the season.”


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