Jim Prostovich honored

Production manager and graphics guru devotes 10 years to the Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press

THE NORTH COUNTY — The management and staff here at the newspaper would like to thank our production manager, Jim Prostovich for a devoted ten years of service. The Morro Bay and Cambria native has been creatively, almost single-handedly, handling the graphics and advertising layout for the Atascadero News, Paso Robles Press, Vino Magazine and several of our smaller publications for a solid decade. He’s been here longer than any other employee and even remembers a time when we produced both a Friday and Wednesday paper.

The high-quality work he puts forth, he does so without complaint, and always with complete professionalism, using excellent communication and attention to detail.

But most of all, the staff has appreciated Prostovich’s witty one-liners. He’ll be hard at work every day, rarely taking his sick days unless nearly hospitalized, and cannot resist the insertion of pure jolly sarcasm into every wave of work banter, unless his headphones are on. Headphones mean business.

Thank you Jim!

We are all better workers when in your presence!

“I like being presented with challenges,” Prostovich said about his job at the newspaper. “I know that sounds kinda cliché, but I like to figure out the solution to things.”

Prostovich may have six or seven things that need to be done by deadline on any given day and he thrives on prioritizing them all and getting them done right on time.

One of Prostovich’s tasks here is to design ads for our advertisers.

“I like to work one-on-one with clients and decipher what they want and surprise them by it,” he said. When people are pleased with his work, he said, “Those are the moments when I’m like, ‘okay, I’m alright in doing what I’m doing.’’

Before working with us at the newspaper, Jim had worked as the lead designer at a small, private design company named Agent’s Flyers, an Atascadero company comprised of real estate professionals. He’s had jobs at another newspaper, in the service industry and, due to his extensive knowledge of books and authors, he also worked a stint as a county librarian. When the editorial staff is unaware, Prostovich is secretly correcting our sloppy grammar.

Prostovich is a self-taught graphic artist, who loves Star Wars, sci-fi and fantasy. He also hangs a cat calendar behind his desk and drinks a nice amount of coffee. He’s also a secret agent, but please don’t tell anyone.

“When computers came out, it was all super exciting,” Prostovich said of his early beginnings as a graphic artist. “And everybody wanted to play video games or the flight simulators those kids had. The options were far more limited than they are today,” he laughed, “as far as computer games and such, but I recognized that I could do artistic stuff too. So that’s what I wanted to learn to do so I started teaching myself with every program I had available.”

He remembers trying to figure out Adobe Illustrator at his friend’s house, on the first color monitor he had ever seen, and also taught himself to make graphics on an operating system similar to Windows called GeoWorks.  

Prostovich’s biggest hobby is illustrating on paper. He said his inspiration came from reading books as a child and being completely captivated by illustrations, such as those by the Brothers Hildebrandt. He remembered being about 6-years-old, when he could barely read, and coming across a foreboding wall of text. He recalled anticipating the wonderful glossy pages illustrations in the center of his favorite genre of fantasy books.

“This is what you had to base your entire world on, what all these words were telling you, and I felt that that was incredible,” he said. “That’s just what I want to do.”

He said it was his mother who encouraged him to draw and be creative.

When at home in Los Osos, Prostovich enjoys spending time with his wife, Danielle Shea, who works for a pharmacy in Los Osos and two children: Ilyhana, age 19, and Asher, age 16.

“My daughter is like me now and my son is like who I was when I was a shy little kid, and I find that really kind of weird, that they can be both things,” he said, while working on an ad one of the sales associates set on his desk for the day.  

Prostovich said he loves spending time with his children, watching shows or just hanging out. “They’re just really the reason for doing anything, frankly,” he said.

Prostovich plans to continue here at the paper for a long time.

“As long as they’ll have me,” he laughed. “I don’t think I’ve burned any bridges yet — I don’t know.”

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