Kate Steinway’s EP debuts

Local favorite songwriter and ukulele player releases ‘True North’

Image courtesy of Kate Steinway

LOS ANGELES – Our Tent City girl has released her latest album. Kate Steinway, descendent of the famous Henry E. Steinway and student of the admirable Suzanna Guzmán, has released a new EP, “True North.”

The five-song album is an open diary of the honest and soul-searching Steinway. It begins with the song “Hurricane,” as the lyrics describe: she may appear “sweet like a sugarcane” but look out – Steinway is one strong woman. Don’t let that darling little ukelele fool you. As sparks fly, and electric guitar is introduced, “better duck and cover” because here comes the flood.

Number two on the album is “Tiny Home,” a cheerful song about living simple and celebrating bare bone luxuries such as a working microwave and a murphy bed.

The song “True North” has that Indigo Girls vibe. Strong and honest, youthfully courageous and forthright. The drum beat gives way to a march and the added instrumentals sound like they might come from a place like Ireland.

“Wayfaring Woman,” the name of Steinway’s last worldwide tour, is a folktale-style song, with pretty back-up singers and a mellow brush drum beat. Steinway’s effortless voice takes you along her journeys. “It’s me and my suitcase from Rome to L.A…” she sings, “I’m a Wayfaring woman and I like it that way.”

To end the album, Steinway tucks us in with a lullaby. “Young Heroes” is an Enya meets Kate Bush Heaven-song, giving us the range of what Steinway is capable of: folk-rocking out, storytelling, grooving and helping us chill out.

Steinway’s album is a true slice of sweet with a side of hurricane, just like the Kate our area has grown to love.

Kate Steinway’s album “True North” is available for $15 at www.katesteinway.com. Free shipping, signed CD and digital copy included.

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