Letters to the Editor 11-02-18

Mark Dariz for Atascadero City Council


I am endorsing Atascadero City Council candidate Mark Dariz.  Mark has been my acquaintance for 27 years since the time he started at Cal Poly,  San Luis Obispo.  His rigorous education earned him a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.  He is a hard-working and ambitious man with an impressive resume.  He has managed his own successful  architecture  business for 15 years.

He is currently serving on the Atascadero Planning Commission and has done so for eight years. He also serves on the Design Review Committee and the SLO County Regional Transportation Advisory.

As a member of the Kiwanis Club, he has been past-president and current treasurer.  He has volunteered his time at the local park and design concepts for the Joy  Park accessibility playground.  He designed the current bandstand at the Lake Park.

At my former residence, he was the architect for my workshop.

Mark is dedicated to his wife of 27 years and his two children.

I believe Mark will work to improve our city’s economy, infrastructure and civic team. Atascadero has been my residence for 30 years.  I have worked and raised a family in this county.

I would be proud to have Mark Dariz on the Atascadero City Council.

Debbie Roller




It has now come down to facts being “fear” tactics. Let’s look at Yes on Measure G. Measure G will not stop present fossil fuel production in our county. Gasoline, diesel fuel and the rest will still be there. Those opposed have out and out lied saying all oil wells in South County will be shut down! 

I spoke to a friend this week and she was miffed at the ads by big oil, over $5 million, saying wells will shut down when she found in her research, the wells are protected in Measure G.  Simply go to protectslocounty.org.  You will find the measure itself at Yes on Measure G under “Our Mission.”

A new “fear” has been introduced, “Measure G will bankrupt the County with millions in legal fees.”  The fact is courts have found local governments have the power to ban new drilling.  If passed it is “the will of the people.”

And here are more “fear” facts:  The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes oil cleanup took 24 years to clean up; oil cleanup at Avila Beach included the town demolished and soil excavated cleanup of the 400,218 gallons of leaked oil over decades; in 1926 42 million gallons of oil spilled over 332 acres — cleanup has recently started.

Everyone in the Yes on Measure G campaign wants the oil workers to keep their head of household jobs and that tax base.  Exactly why present oil drilling is protected under Measure G.  Do your own research and then vote!

Lee Perkins


Recommend Newsom for Council


I highly recommend Heather Newsom for Atascadero City Council. As a long-time resident and business owner in Atascadero, I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in recent years. I’m especially amazed at the downtown growth in just the past two years, with shops and restaurants filling our storefronts. Our City is on the right track, and Heather Newsom will continue that trend by supporting an environment that’s friendly to business and encourages investment in our town. Heather is a business owner and working mom who is committed to our family-friendly community and improving the quality of life for all residents. Please join me in voting for Heather Newsom for Atascadero City Council.

Kellie Avila



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