Letters to the Editor 11-09-18

Insane stress on high schoolers


I have a serious issue with the insane amount of stress put on high schoolers in our society. I recently read a study on anxiety levels in high schoolers and they found that kids in high school today have the same, if higher, anxiety levels than patients in psychiatric facilities in the 1950’s.

It is absurd to put so much on the shoulders of rapidly developing brains. I know from experience that multitudes of tests and projects have caused me and my peers such immeasurable amounts of stress that we’ve turned to cheating and copying just so we can at least pass.

The level of stress felt by those in my generation has ruined what school was meant to be. Instead of coming to a safe place to learn about things that will greatly influence our lives for the better, we fearfully enter an establishment that praises high scores instead of high spirits.

To solve this problem we need to take a step back from mandated tests and subjects and take education in a more individualized direction. Students deserve to be part of a system that benefits them. I fear that if something is not done about this dangerous flaw in our educational system, students will begin to lose faith in the institution that is supposed to inspire and instill confidence in them and turn to harmful activities and behavior to fill the void their education has left them with.

Parents and teachers, please first tell these kids you are proud of the work they’ve been able to accomplish, but also tell your superiors that this system is majorly flawed and these kids need help, fast.

Abigail Etchison



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