Letters to the Editor 11-16-18

Lack of notice is rude


This is the third time the City of Atascadero closed San Anselmo Road all day without warning. Once again I had to spend hours tracking down a canceled morning package delivery of living things and arrange to pick up the package or lose over $100 (And I have a broken foot so I had to get someone else to meet the delivery driver, after hours on the phone).

First, they paved for a whole day, then oiled the street another day, and are repaving today again.

A huge truck blocked us in for hours.

A fourth day they will have to paint the center stripe (When? Who knows?).

As a homeowner in my 60s who doesn’t see their claimed facebook alerts, I request that the City of Atascadero post road closures on their street closure website (Not updated since March 2018). The lack of notice is rude and has repeatedly caused us grief.

Cindy Webster



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