Letters to the Editor 12-07-18

No Room At Inn


The Atascadero City Council turned away homeless from a potential warming center at the Armory this last week as we approach the season of peace and goodwill. Lack of cutting through red tape and the bureaucracies involved, but most of all “no will” to shelter the homeless on these cold nights and what is forecast to be a wet winter.

ECHO’s shelter is across the street from the high school and backs a residential area.

Rules are strictly enforced while offering the homeless food and community services allowing for an opportunity to get housing and work without disturbing students or the neighborhood.

I implore the Atascadero City Council to reagendize the issue and find a way to open the Armory as a warming shelter this winter season and make plans for future years for a city warming shelter.

What would Jesus say?

Lee Perkins



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