Letters to the Editor 3-1-19

Planet doctors


Be aware the socialists are coming. Be afraid. Did we not have these scare tactics during the McCarthy era? Then it was Communism. With fear a lot of innocent people were hurt. What was called socialism and communism were really dictatorships as in Russia. England, the Netherlands have aspects of socialism so do we. Medicare, the police and fire departments are socialistic. I guess to some it is better that the rich pay the least amount in taxes, that is real democracy.

On a different note those that believe in their doctors do not believe in climate change. What? Your doctor looks for clues in your body to see if it is healthy or sick. Sciences that study the earth are like doctors looking at the health of the planet and they see all is not well. Are you the type that puts off listening to the doctor until it is to late? That is your personal choice but when it comes to the planet that effects all of us and generations to come. What would it hurt to do what the doctor says to keep your planet healthy? Just like your body the planet depends on how you treat it.

Livia Kellerman


STR signs


Last week we arrived in your lovely town with our grown children and little grandson to celebrate a landmark birthday.  As we drove toward our vacation rental on Hilltop we were greeted by ugly signs stating that “neighborhoods are for neighbors, not vacationers” and “no short term rentals”, etc.  I was appalled at the unwelcome spirit that surrounded us.  Each time we opened the door in the daylight a neighbor would be outside staring at us.  We waved hello a number of times but gave up after no response.

Of course we then researched the current commotion surrounding short term rentals.  We understand that not all vacationers respect the homes they rent.  The residents of this neighborhood need to get on committees and change the laws, if they don’t like their situation. 

We had fully intended to seek out a purchase of a residence in that area, but I would prefer to live where kind people live not nasty sign makers. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. Just grateful my grandson could not read.

Sue Bogard

South Carolina


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