Letters to the Editor 3-22-19

Nuclear reactor inspections


This month marks eight years since the meltdown of three nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear generating plant in Japan. The Japanese people who lost their homes, farms and health are still suffering the consequences of this horrible event.

The radioactivity has continued to spread across Japan and into the Pacific now reaching our coast.

Levels of Cesium 137 have been increasing in samples taken in the waters off Pismo Beach analyzed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Here at home, we have two nuclear reactors: Unit 1 — 36 years old and Unit 2 — 35 years old.  Both are still producing approximately 20 metric tons of highly radioactive waste per year, according to published reports. The intense pressure, heat, and radioactivity causes embrittlement and cracking in these reactor vessels.

Given the fact these reactors, as well as the cooling pools for the “spent fuel,” are old and sitting on multiple earthquake faults and there isn’t a workable evacuation plan, it is beyond time for thorough inspections to be done to protect life and property in this County.

Marty Brown



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