Letters to the Editor 4-26-19

Save Future Super Blooms


We have gone to see the local “Super Bloom” out 58 to Soda Lake and along Shell Creek Road two times. It is such a treat for our eyes and mind-boggling to see such a force of timing in nature to produce such an extraordinary bloom. In some places, a bright yellow meadow will have a huge brush stroke in vivid blue flowers.

The President and Bureau of Land Management’s approval in April of a new oil well/ pipeline in the Carissa Plain would threaten and compromise Carrizo. 

Representative Salud Carbajal and Senator Kamala Harris have joined forces and re-introduced the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act (H.R.2199) designating 250,000 acres between Los Angeles and Monterey counties as wilderness land prohibiting oil exploration or drilling. The bill would also connect a network of about 400 miles of existing hiking trails to create the Condor National Recreation Trail.

H.R. 2199’s passing is critical to permanently protect Carrizo’s valuable open space and sustain the ecological future of 468 wildlife species and more than 1,200 plant species.

Lee Perkins



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