Letters to the Editor 8-9-19

Let’s get our act together


A recent article from MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian about the Democrats wanting high drama from the Mueller hearing was spot on.

I also wanted a high crimes and misdemeanors result but was highly (highly) doubtful we would get it. When I read from a previous article that the Democrats, according to their staffers, expected “shocking” testimony, the caution light in my head started flashing.

When you use a word like shocking, you’re setting an expectation and when people don’t get it you lose credibility and look like a fool. I learned long ago that it’s better to “under promise and over deliver” than “over promise and under deliver”.

What has now happened at the conclusion of the hearing, thus far, is as I anticipated: Republicans, Conservatives and Teflon Trump are declaring their victory.

I hope everbody, and I mean everbody, will learn from this as a strategic lesson and an unfortunate precursor of things to come. I do not relish being in the public eye; having my views misconstrued or criticized and I fully expect our more vocal, conservative and perhaps, well-known voices to come forward. But I do believe we are at a critical point in our country and in our world, so I had to speak out.

Let’s get our act together here. We’re fighting for our lives.

Debra Eckhardt


Misstatements on Monterey Bay Power


Al Fonzi made many misstatements as he applauded the majority of the City Council (including his wife)  to pass on joining Monterey Bay  Community Power (MPCP).  Their decision is nothing to applaud.   

Their inaction means residents and business of Atascadero will be paying PG&E over $400,000 more than they need to each year. Here are a few misstatements:

PG&E could not participate in the discussion because of a “gag order.” I assume this is referring to the CPUC Code of Conduct instituted due to PG&E’s behavior in opposition to the first CCA. PG&E can still talk but they can not speak or appear to speak on behalf of a CCA or say anything that is untrue or misleading. PG&E chooses not to talk.

MBCP will actually cost more because it is green energy. MBCP’s base offering is 100% carbon-free energy with a rebate of 5% on energy cost. Yes, you can be green and save money. If you don’t want to save, you can opt out and get your energy from PG &E.

Analysts will tell you green energy projects are always more expensive and rely heavily upon government subsidies. Newsflash: all energy projects rely on various government subsidies; solar projects get favorable tax treatment. There has been a significant shift in energy markets. MBCP has signed contracts for new solar plus storage projects that can deliver energy for less than new gas-fired projects and much less than PG&E.

Atascadero will only get a shared vote with Paso on the MBCP Board. That is right — but it is more than they have on the PG&E Board.

The Atascadero City Council was initially approached by MBCP in March. Do their due diligence when the other cities did? No. Are they really doing their jobs when they don’t evaluate a unique opportunity to help the local economy? Really?

John Smigelski



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