Letters to the Editor 9-28-18

Mark Dariz for Atascadero City Council


I am endorsing  Atascadero City Council Candidate Mark Dariz . Dariz has been my acquaintance for 27 years since the time he started at Cal Poly,  San Luis Obispo.

His rigorous education earned him a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.  He is a hard working and ambitious  man with an impressive resume.  He has managed his own successful  architecture  business for 15 years.

He is currently serving on the Atascadero Planning Commission and has done so for 8 years. He also serves on the Design Review Committee and the SLO County Regional Transportation Advisory.  As a member of the Kiwanis Club , he has been past President and current Treasurer.

He has volunteered his time at the local park and design concepts for the Joy  Park  accessibility playground.  He designed the current bandstand at the Lake Park.  At my former residence he was the architect for my workshop.

Mark is dedicated to his wife of 27 years and his 2 children. I believe Mark will work to improve our city’s economy, infrastructure and civic team. Atascadero has been my residence for 30 years. I have worked and raised a family in this county. I would be proud to have Mark on the Atascadero City Council.

Debbie Roller


Susan Funk for Atascadero City Council


A Sept. 24 article about the three candidates vying for two seats on the Atascadero City Council does a good job of highlighting the vast differences in the caliber of the candidates. As the candidates’ answers to the questions show, Susan Funk stands head and shoulders above her two opponents. Where her answers reflected creativity, incisiveness and careful consideration, those of the other two candidates were little more than canned recitations betraying their intentions to sit back and settle for sustaining the status quo. 

Susan Funk’s arrival on the political scene in Atascadero comes as a long-overdue breath of fresh air. She is energetic, highly qualified and committed to working for the people of our community. Her council candidacy is self-made, borne of her genuine, individual desire to contribute to our city. Susan is completely independent of the stuck-in-the-mud political machine that has long dominated Atascadero city government and that is sponsoring her opponents. With Susan Funk on the city council, the people of Atascadero would gain a representative of our interests rather than those of politicians pulling strings from behind the scenes.

Susan Funk would be an ideal addition to the Atascadero City Council. I encourage every eligible Atascaderan to vote for her.

Len Colamarino


Voting for Funk


These are the reasons I am supporting Susan Funk for the Atascadero City Council:

1.  She gets along with people and shows respect for their differing ideas.

2.  She has been a business owner and understands the needs of commerce as well as the concerns of ordinary citizens.

3.  She has the ability to think of creative solutions to problems.

4.  She will bring some fresh ideas to the process of governing.

5.  So far, she has always been a positive force in our community.

I look forward to seeing her on the Council.  Please join me in voting for Susan.

Judie Magonacelaya



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