Local Church to host Alt Christmas Market, Nov. 11

ATASCADERO — Once again Atascadero United Methodist Church will host its annual Alternative Christmas Market on Sunday, Nov. 11 in Dexter Hall at 11 a.m. This Alternative Christmas Market is designed to purchase items for a friend or a relative that may have everything they ever wanted but you would still like to get them a gift during the holiday season.
 At the Alternative Christmas Market you may purchase an animal or a share of an animal with the Heifer Project— for vegetarians, you have the opportunity to purchase tree seedlings and honey bees. There is also gift cards which you may give to the person you wish to honor saying that an animal has been purchased in their name.
Heifer Project then delivers what you have purchased to people in developing countries as well as people in the U.S. The gift of a goat, for instance, improves the health of the children and gives the family extra income which can be used to pay school fees so children can receive an education.
In addition to purchasing from Heifer Project, you may buy from Habitat for Humanity. Is there someone you know who would appreciate your purchase of some bricks, a door or a window to enable a family to complete their house? Sierra Service Project teams will also be selling shares for the 2019 season.
Representatives from Humankind/Fair Trade will also be there with lovely jewelry and other art objects  and gifts that you actually get to take home or give away.
For more information, call the church office at 805-466-2566 or go to www.atascaderoumc.org.


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