McDonald's renovations near completion after almost a year of construction

Revamped restaurant will feature new drink bar, interactive games

ATASCADERO — After months of sitting beneath tarps and clear sheets of plastic, the McDonald’s located at 6300 Morro Rd. is expected to complete renovations early this summer.

“The restaurant location began renovation in September 2016 and we’re looking forward to its completion in June 2017,” brand reputation manager Havonnah Johnson said.

While the construction company working on the project, Highland PM, LLC, and project manager Chris Lyle could not disclose any information regarding the reason for the long construction period, the team did say that they’re excited for the finished product.

“It will feature a brand new interior, new front counter service, four self-service kiosks and table service,” Johnson said. “Our transformed restaurant will also have a beverage bar and interactive wall-mounted games.”

The self-service kiosks, which McDonalds began rolling out nationwide late last year, allow customers to order and pay on a large, touchscreen interface instead of interacting with a cashier. Labor activists have expressed concerns that the kiosks could put employees out of work.

Those McDonald’s customers who have expressed concern regarding food safety during the renovation can rest assured that the quality of McDonald’s products has not wavered.

“Renovations have not been done in the kitchen or cooking facilities where food is prepared, and we’ve partnered with the health department to ensure all guidelines have been followed,” Johnson said.

While renovations are undoubtedly expensive, it’s necessary to implement them in order to address current dining trends and create positive dining experiences, Johnson said.

“McDonald’s is raising the bar on everything we do - from our food, to putting more choice and control in the hands of our customers,” she said. “We’re taking big steps to improve our customers’ dining experience.”

For more information regarding this specific McDonald’s location, call 805-466-6300.


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