Middle man: Campoverde integral to the Bearcats success

PASO ROBLES — In one of the most competitive leagues anywhere, Paso Robles High School battled for third place in the PAC 8 with a record of 10-4 and a bevy of leaders worthy of accolades. Stealthily leading the team from the middle, PRHS senior Luis Campoverde stood tall and earned the 2017 All-North County Boys Soccer Player of the Year honor.

Campoverde was also voted the team MVP by his teammates — a testament to his leadership throughout the season.

“They thought he was a great leader on the field, and off,” PRHS head coach Omar McPherson said.

McPherson expressed praise for a team with rare characteristics.

“Overall, it was a good team environment to be around,” McPherson said. “I haven’t seen that in a long time from a team.”

On both sides of the ball, the Bearcats were a force to be reckoned with.

“It was an all around good, solid offensive team,” McPherson said, “and on defense, so many guys were interchangeable.”

With so many interchangeable parts, Campoverde played a central part to the success of the Bearcats.

“Coaches revel at having players like this that don’t need stats to validate what they do,” McPherson said. “Day in day out, he went out and performed the way we wanted him to perform.”

Stats don’t come cheap on the soccer field, and even achieving double digits in a season is a major accomplishment for a high scorer. Yet for a player like Campoverde, his stats contribution is on the bottom line — in wins and losses for the team.

“Most of [his work] was on the defensive end,” McPherson said. “He would lock down those better players on the other teams. He locked down the midfield defensively.”

Campoverde’s consistency was highlighted by the unexpected moments.

“One game in Clovis,” McPherson remembered, “I didn’t think he would get the ball, but he slid in and took out the ball and the guy went flying.”

McPherson described Campoverde as the silent workhorse, who took a personal stake in the success of the team.

“From time to time he took that challenge on his own and took on the strongest guy in midfield,” McPherson said, “but mostly they play a team defense in the midfield.”

Campoverde’s quiet leadership was spoken for when the team voted him MVP, but the moments he took during the season were the ones that made an impact.

“He did not talk much, but when he spoke, the team listened,” McPherseon said. “The team knew if he would only speak out if he had something to say. He always thought about how he could help the team be more productive on the field.”

Together the team formed a unified front against PAC 8 opponents, and through a stormy winter emerged as a memorable unit.

“I would rank this team No. 1 out of the last four seasons,” McPherson said. “One of the reasons is the camaraderie. The challenges we went through this season, we handled them better, and that made the difference between winning and losing many times.”

Campoverde was central to that character.

All NC Boys soccer

All-North County Player of the Year

PRHS senior Luis Campoverde

All-NC Goalkeeper of the Year

PRHS senior Alexander Aceves

All-NC Defensive POY

AHS junior Nick Garza

All-NC Offensive POY

PRHS senior Jesus Mendoza

2017 All-North County

Boys Soccer Team

PRHS senior Luis Campoverde

PRHS senior Alexander Aceves

PRHS senior Jose Mejia

PRHS senior Jesus Mendoza

AHS senior Jose Peña

PRHS junior Javier Solis

AHS junior Manny Perez

THS senior Sam Savery Orton

THS senior Brennan Tobin

AHS junior Nick Garza

AHS junior Abraham Reyna

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