Most Wanted arrest updates

SAN LUIS OBISPO — Pamela Sue Langley, the recent most wanted, was arrested this past week in San Luis Obispo by Sheriff’s deputies as a result of someone phoning in a tip to Crimestoppers. Langley was wanted for violation of probation for stalking with a temporary restraining order, stalking to follow and harass with intent to place fear, vandalism with damage of more than $400, and vandalism with damage of less than $400.
Armando Osorio Teran Jr., most wanted from Nov. 2, was arrested Nov. 7 by Sheriff’s deputies in Nipomo. He was wanted for failing to appear in court, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm and threatening to commit a crime of violence.
John David Becker, the most wanted suspect from Aug.15, was arrested in Las Vegas on the afternoon of Nov. 6 by Las Vegas Metro PD. He was wanted for violation of probation for second-degree burglary — commercial, vehicle, and garage.
Jose Garcia Sanchez, most wanted suspect from Oct. 24, was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies on Oct. 29. He was wanted for willfully assisting a prisoner confined to a prison or jail to escape or attempt to escape.
Mark Wayne Greer, most wanted suspect from Oct. 10, has been arrested by Santa Cruz PD. He was wanted for failure to register as a sex offender upon release from jail, and violation of community post-release supervision.
Felipe Gonzalez Alvarez, most wanted suspect from June 27, was captured on Oct. 11 by Orland PD. He was wanted for 11 counts of identity theft and 11 counts of forgery/counterfeit.


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