North County Christian holds “Principal for a Day” and Science Fair

NCCS had three families participate in the Principal for a Day event that was one of many items sold at the NCCS Celebration Auction. Students performed various duties such as check signing, campus supervision, creating a display of student pictures and a golf session. Fun was had by the principals and their friends.  On April 13, Kate Conrad (2nd grade) and Kristen Conrad (4th grade) were co-principals. On April 20, Izzi Smith (5th grade) was principal. And on May 18, Haley Suderman (7th grade) and Lily Suderman (7th grade) will run the school for a day.

The NCCS Open House highlighted a science fair. Carter Paisano (6th grade) and Danica Kennedy (6th grade) were preparing their frog for close study.  Sydni Morris (5th grade) studied her scientific exhibit with her microscope. Sam Durham (9th grade) presented his project on the digestive system to visitors at Open House. Rian Huffman (7th grade) showed her project on the endocrine system to her parents.

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