North County participates in Fire Prevention Week

Atascadero Firefighters giving a presentation to students at San Gabriel Elementary School. (Contributed photos by Atascadero Fire / ATAFireL3600 )

Home Depot Fire Safety Event planned for Sat. Oct. 13

ATASCADERO — Atascadero and Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services took part in Fire Prevention Week — Oct. 7-13. The Atascadero and Paso Robles fire departments works in coordination with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the official sponsor of the Fire Prevention Week for more than 90 years, to reinforce these potentially life-saving messages.
This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is “Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere!” A theme that will better educate the public about the three basic but essential steps to take to reduce the likelihood of having a fire and how to escape safely in the event that one happens. Three basic steps:
Look for places a fire can start and eliminate those fire hazards.
Listen for smoke alarms and relocate to your outside meeting place, which should be a safe distance where everyone knows to meet.
Learn two ways out of every room and keep those exit ways clear from clutter.
“Avoiding the risk of fire is one of the key essentials this year as we educate our children and the public in what to do to prevent a fire and what to do if there is a fire,” said Casey Bryson, Fire Chief of the Atascadero Fire and Emergency Services. “That pre-planning is what everyone will draw upon to snap into action and escape as quickly as possible in the event of a fire.”
Atascadero Fire and Emergency Services held presentations at local elementary schools in the city. On Friday they will visit San Benito Elementary  and the Fine Arts Academy will be hosted at Station 1.
On Saturday, Oct. 13, the public is invited to attend the Home Depot Fire Safety Event where the Atascadero Fire and Emergency Services will be there at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The event will take place in the front parking lot of Home Depot located at 905 El Camino Real in Atascadero.
To learn more about this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere!” visit


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