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I remember reading a Chinese Proverb long ago about the miracle of life that went something like this: “The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.” I’d like to change that a little and have it read — “to walk on the earth among the wonders of nature and remember how blessed we are with the extraordinary diversity and beauty of it.”

Let me explain why that came to mind. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of picnicking with eight wonderful women friends in a field of wildflowers and I will never forget the views surrounding us. We are friends who met through our board of directors connections with the Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County and the Women’s Legacy Fund. We wanted to continue our friendships after we “termed out” on the Foundation board and the Legacy committee. What better way than to “go out to lunch” once a month!

One of the members of this group is Jane Sinton, who lives with her husband Steve, on their cattle ranch out Highway 58. Shell Creek runs through the ranch and can be seen from their hilltop home, along with the fields and fields of wildflowers. This was a “super bloom” year because of all the rain and if you haven’t seen the flowers yet, try to get out to one of the areas before it is too late. 

But, back to the picnic — I rode out with Dee Lacey and Barbara Partridge, from Paso Robles, so I was able to just sit and watch the scenery all the way to the ranch. I loved it. Everything is green and anything that blooms is “blooming!”     

Other friends came from south of the grade and included, Nancy DePue, Claire Clark, Ann Robinson, Barbara Bell, and Janice Fong Wolf. Lyn Baker, Mary Verdin, Wendy Brown, and Johnine Talley were unable to attend that day, but were with us in spirit.

Our picnic food was delicious, but simple — bowls of egg salad and tuna salad with freshly sliced French bread, along with sliced avocado (sliced at the picnic) and a huge bowl of gorgeous strawberries ready to pick up and eat with your fingers. Lettuce leaves were cleaned and ready to use, for those who didn’t want bread with their salad. Lunch was served with freshly bottled wine, from the Sinton’s vineyard, or iced tea. We topped off our lunch with homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownie bars. Somehow, in that setting, the meal was much more than “simple!”

This county offers so many things to love and appreciate and I hope you are able to experience them — start by seeing the wildflowers with your family and friends!

Other opportunities are available for your enjoyment, like concerts by our Atascadero Community Band. Mark your calendars for their next concert on Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, from 3-5 p.m. at Atascadero Bible Church, 6225 Atascadero Ave. 

The invitation reads, “…celebrate Mother’s Day with flare, style, pizzas and a bit of transcription spice as we perform some of your musical favorites — community band style. Yes, and a pinch of world premiere arrangements added, thanks to conductor Randy Schwalbe.”

The concert program features medleys from “West Side Story,” “My Fair Lady,” “The King & I,” “Sweeney Todd,” and “The Lion King,” along with a special tribute to Gilbert and Sullivan. 

The ACB concerts are free, but donations can be made to a nonprofit beneficiary chosen by the band members. In this case, donations will go to Gilbert and Sullivan Company of SLO.

This leads me to say thank you again to the ACB and the attendees of the concert on March 3 when donations went to Coats for Kids of SLO County, for distributions of warm coats, jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts to children and adults in need, in December. As you can see in the photo I have included, the donation was $871 and will be used to purchase new jackets for younger children.

As I wind up here I have a few notes and reminders. The Community Alliance group met this past week and some 20 or so nonprofits had representatives present. The Alliance will work on collaborations between the nonprofits for their events and projects. The idea is to help each other so we can get more done effectively. More on that group later.

Try to attend the official grand opening celebration of Joy Playground this evening from 4-7 p.m. at Colony Park, 5599 Traffic Way, Atascadero. 

 There will be live music and food and drinks available for purchase. 

The Atascadero Citywide Yard Sale on April 13, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. will benefit the Joy Playground. Proceeds will come from the $15 household registration fee which will put your yard sale on the map for the shoppers. Deadline for registration is April 10th. For more information, visit parentsforjoy.org.

Save the date of May 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Atascadero Lake Park, for the 4th Annual LakeFest 2019 and Cardboard Boat Regatta. A great family day is planned by Friends of Atascadero Lake. For more information, visit friendsOfAtascaderoLake.com.

Last but not least, tickets are still available for the Atascadero Performing Arts Center Committee event, “Afternoon Tea with Phoebe Hearst” featuring local actress Karen Harris, on Saturday, April 13, from 2-4 p.m., at Community Church Hall, 5850 Rosario, Atascadero. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce or on BrownPaperTickets.com (search Phoebe Hearst). Proceeds will benefit APACCs efforts to collaborate with the Printery Foundation to bring a performing arts theatre to Atascadero in the Printery building.

Enjoy the weekend…Cheers!


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