SCT JAM V draws tight-knit crowd to Atascadero's A-Town Park

Jayden Mazzo takes top spot in professional division

ATASCADERO — SCT JAM V, an annual scooter competition, took place this past Saturday at A-Town Park and was a great success. The scooter community in Atascadero is tight-knit and supportive and the observation deck of the skate park was packed full of enthusiastic, energetic parents and friend’s voices that blended into symphony of admiration for the athletes. The crowd was so supportive, the cheers for the failed tricks rang louder in the exposed elevated ceilings of the skate park than they did for the completed tricks. Former contest champion and current professional scooter rider Chris Farris made the trip from training with the nationally famous group Nitro Circus because the bond is so strong.

“Well this is the fifth one and I’ve been to the first four," Farris said. "I won three of them and this is just the best event of the year for me. I get to see all my friends and all of the people I ride with everyday get to come out here and show the world what they can do.”

The competition was broken down into four different age groups: 13 and under, 13 and over, the sponsored skater division, and the PRO skater division. Each skater was given two runs of 60 seconds to put together as many tricks as they could before collapsing from exhaustion. The competition was mixed with different skate styles — some contestants threw huge tricks high in the air and others put together smoother runs using every obstacle in the park to showcase their expertise.

With this being the fifth year of the competition there were many competitors entering for their second and third times. Each competitor in the 13 and under division walked up to their starting spot, overflowing with confidence from the shouts of “go get 'em” and “you got this” from their friends waiting for their turn. The walls of the skate park were lined with scarped elbows, knee pads and toothy grins of children there to compete or support family members.

“I started scootering because that’s just kind of how I feel," Dylan Chairez, competitor in the 13 and under division, said. "I always love to go scootering and my entire family scooters so they just passed it on.”

Chairez put together two good runs on the day, but just missed out on making the podium. The winner in the 13 and under division was Hudson Adamson. Second place Christian Rowley, and in third place was Clair Parks.

The 13 and over division featured some local skaters that frequent park, giving their round an added feeling of sibling rivalry. Preston Maldonado finished in first place, Tommy Mondo finished in second and Xander Shaw finished third.

The winner of the sponsored division was Dominic Deeder, followed by his brother Daniel Deeder in second, and Cameron Polte finished third.

The professional contestants came out with backflips, super-mans and enough bar spins to make you dizzy. Chris Farris did not compete in the competition this year, instead he worked as the MC. With the three-time champ on the sidelines, Jayden Mazzo capitalized on the opportunity and won the pro division.

Check out the video below to see Xander Shaw's first run: 

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