SLO County employees on strike Dec. 11

SAN LUIS OBISPO - Government employees on strike outside the Board of Supervisors meeting at the San Luis Obispo County Government Center around lunchtime on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Supervisor Lynn Compton drew most of the targeted ire in signs held up by members of the County’s social services staff, more than 50 of whom took their turn at the picket line Tuesday. Representatives from other County departments took their turns out on the strike’s other scheduled days.

Compton was absent as the Board reconvened to hear long debated regulations on cannabis production in the County.

Inside the Board’s hearing chambers, a building unusually well insulated for sound, the occasional car horn or shout could still be faintly heard from the street outside.

Among the complaints listed on fliers circulated by the San Luis Obispo County Government Employees Association is that raises have lagged behind market increases in fair wage calculations, with emergency personnel having their pay reduced while still being required to respond to calls off duty.

Protesters outside on the day noted that, by law, emergency personnel are not allowed to participate in the work stoppage, but other civil servants wanted to raise the point on their behalf. (photos by Camas Frank)


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