Students work to raise money for animals

Local youngins go grass roots for Cause 4 Paws

ATASCADERO — An animal-loving young lady, her brother and their cousin raised money for local nonprofit organization Cause 4 Paws recently and will soon deliver a $200 check. Not bad for three children under the age of ten.

Chelsea Baker, of Atascadero, said her 8-year-old daughter Kennadie Baker, has a soft spot in her heart for animals and wanted to start a fundraiser to raise money for animals in need. She would like to be either a vet or a marine biologist when she’s older.

This month she got her brother Boston Baker, 6, and cousin Jamison Larson, 7, together to raise money for animals. The children all attend Monterey Road Elementary.

After a brief brainstorming session with her mom, the three do-gooders hatched a trifold plan to make and sell bracelets and crafts, market a lemonade stand and launch a garage sale with their own toys as merchandise.

“My daughter is the head of the little organization,” Chelsea Baker said. “She is really an animal activist and animal lover. Originally, the kids were going to raise money to buy some bedding and stuff. So they set up a little booth in front of our house and sold some homemade bracelets and little craft things that she had made. Several people stopped and they raised a lot of money.”

Moving with the momentum, the children donated their toys to a family garage sale. Then they spread the word, telling all their friends and family about their upcoming fundraiser. They hand-made the stickers for the items and the posters for the sale. With just the bare bones help from Baker and some clothing donations from friends in the community, the children did it all on their own.

“It was a really neat thing that they were willing to donate all their stuff,” said Baker, “and they saved all the money to donate to Cause 4 Paws.”

Baker added that her daughter had talked to the owner of the Cause 4 Paws Thrift Store in Atascadero, and was inspired when she heard the organization has acres of land out in Creston, which they use as a dog rescue.

Since the Cause 4 Paws Thrift Store opened at 4303 El Camino Real in Atascadero in 2013, the store has donated thousands of dollars for the care of local animals, with a big focus on local spay and neuter programs. For more information, call Cause 4 Paws Thrift Shop at 805-466-0100.

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