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Special Educators Lindsey Flatos (above) and Kim King (below article)of TUSD

The hard work, commitment and passion of those who work in special education classrooms will be recognized Dec. 3, which has been declared “The Day of the Special Educator” by the California Organization for Special Educators (CARS+). On this day school districts all over California will be honoring those who care for children with disabilities — those who have vast knowledge of the cognitive, emotional and social challenges these children face — and who venture into uncharted territory to meet the student’s individual needs in the public education system. Dec. 2 is National Special Education Day, honoring all educators involved in caring for children with special needs: from the 1:1 aide, to the resource specialists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists and program directors. Thank you for caring for all children Special Educators of North County!

Kim (Williams) King lives and breathes to support students with disabilities. The leadership at TUSD would like to recognize her efforts as “an amazing, dedicated and experienced professional.” King is a regular in TUSD classrooms, and works tirelessly to help identify and train paraprofessionals and teachers on utilizing best teaching practices for students.

She currently works as the secondary program specialist, serving students with special needs in middle school, high school, Community Orientation and Adult Transition (COAT), and alternative education. She has provided countless hours of training to students, staff and parents. King is an advocate for students, whose focus is to help them develop lifelong skills to be as independent as possible.

King embraces inclusion practices.  She is constantly educating general education teachers about accommodating assignments and activities to any and all students so they may actively participate within the general population.

She wrote and received Templeton Education Foundation grants to begin a recycling project at Templeton High School as well as games for all sites to enhance the "Game Club" and "Lunch Bunch" social groups. She also promotes pro-social skills by researching, developing and providing instruction to special needs high school students by using the "Peers" curriculum.   

A couple of her proudest accomplishments include implementation and development of the first secondary level DISC program, and the creation of a school-based business called “Dog House Delicacies.”

She is a member of the California Autism Professionals Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN) and the SLO County Transitions and Community Collaboration (TACC). She also serves as a Teacher Induction Program (TIP) mentor and is a member of the California Association of Resource Professionals (CARS+). Additionally, Kim holds her Assistive Technology (AT) certificate, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) authorization and Autism Authorization.

King is a fifth generation Central Coast native and a graduate of Atascadero High School. She returned to school once her children were older, and after earning her undergrad in Psychology, decided to pursue a graduate degree in Education, along with a Mild-Moderate Special Education teaching credential. She graduated from Cal Poly in 2008 and has been teaching for Templeton Unified School District ever since. In her time with TUSD, she has worn several hats, including RSP teacher for elementary and District Intensive Services Class (DISC), teacher for grades six to 12+ and teacher on Special Assignment and Program Specialist for the district.

King married her high school sweetheart and recently celebrated her 32nd anniversary with her husband, Troy. The Kings have three grown children: Ryan, Andrew and Jeff, and one grandson named Solly.

Lindsay Flatos has been a special educator for nearly eight years in the Templeton Unified School District, recently becoming the Primary Program Specialist for TUSD this July.

The leadership at TUSD would like to recognize Flatos a an expert in her field as someone who “exceeds the scope and expectation of engaging all students in learning by always providing a cooperative and inviting approach in problem solving, knowing the subject matter, and addressing students’ needs.”  

Flatos has a reputation at TUSD as a leader who can clearly develop, implement and articulate approaches that both teachers and students understand. Her colleagues know her as a team player who works hard to build relationships with students, parents and staff.  She advocates for her students and is always looking at ways to help them succeed while promoting independence. She is known to be an excellent role model who will personally take time in a general education classroom to help teachers provide strategies and activities that engage students in a positive manner.  

Flatos holds herself to high expectations and will positively find solutions to any problem. She also sets high standards and expectations for her students and staff as a very organized and structured educator. Her students know they have to work hard – and the payoffs are huge.  Avoidance and escape are not an option with Flatos, but she will always provide enrichment activities to help the students learn appropriate social behaviors and skills in a group environment.

When one of her students had a hard time with anxiety, screaming when triggered, Flatos developed a proactive plan to ensure that the anxiety the student was feeling was reduced prior to the lesson beginning.  She is able to clearly articulate the needs of her students to teachers and staff, as well as parents. Another time she helped a student with such severe needs, it was too hard to present his project to the class. So Flatos helped him videotape himself so that he was able to present his project to the class. Her student was beyond excited to be included in the presentations.

Flatos is originally from Petaluma. She completed the majority of her college coursework at Cal Poly, earning a Child Psychology degree and an Education Specialist Teaching Credential, as well as a Masters Degree in Education. Additionally, she attended San Francisco State University, where she received a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Flatos loves her career to pieces, but first, she’s says she’s a wife (of a City of San Luis Obispo firefighter) and a mother of two busy boys, ages 4 years and 2 years.

Thank you TUSD Special Ed Dept! 


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