The Cookie Man

Come Get Your Cookies owner Scott Beer is baking cookies out his shop in Templeton, the location formerly occupied by Dark Nectar Roasters. (Photos by Camas Frank)

Come Get Your Cookies open over holidays

TEMPLETON — Few jobs test one’s daily work ethic quite like taking up the mantle as a small town baker.

Scott Beer has had a few jobs that might, serving as a hull and damage control technician in the U.S. Navy, rescue swimmer, and lifeguard, before going on to work in the restaurant industry and owning his own companies. But it's his latest venture Come Get Your Cookies, serving up his dessert creations, that’s kept him on the move seven-days-a-week over the last 14 months.

At the Templeton location formerly occupied by Dark Nectar Roasters, folks still swing by expecting coffee, which he’s happy to oblige, the signs on the door still advertise the local roasters brand after all and he stocks generous supplies of their product along with cinnamon buns and breakfast burritos for the morning crowd.

“There has been some confusion about it but I’m getting my own name out there more now,” he adds, noting that he’d struck up the deal to occupy the space after perfecting his newest craft under a cottage industry permit.

Selling large orders of 100-dozen cookies to retailers and shipping products sold online, he hadn’t initially realized that people who stop in to see him on the small town Main Street were giving their positive Yelp reviews to the wrong business.

“I’m Come Get Your Cookies, but we’re proud to serve Dark Nectar,” he adds, while preparing a special Kahlua flavored cookie under a banner that adds a ‘.com’ to the end of the bakery name. “When I first Googled, ‘Cookies in Templeton’ I got worried because one came up and right on Main too, and the town isn’t big enough to support two of us right here, but it turns out they’re in Templeton, New Zealand. We keep in touch on Facebook, nice people.”

As noted, the company is veteran-owned and Beer’s service medals sit framed on the wall across from the huge world map covering the other. Fitting for a Navy guy who visited 16 countries in his 12 years active. Though he didn’t make it to New Zealand, in fact, he adds his one trip south of the equator, “didn’t count because I didn’t go on a boat.”

After several career and life changes Beer found himself in California trading in entrepreneurial skills for insurance sales and serving a term as President of the Morro Bay Rotary Club but the cookies found him.

“I would go into places and get the cold shoulder but I noticed that anyone bringing something was welcomed with open arms,” and he said, combining trends, “bacon and maple doughnuts were all the rage people couldn’t get enough,” so he went to the internet and started teaching himself cookie recipes, hitting on a signature.

“Bacon, maple, and Tabasco,” he explained, “just a little bit of spice, we’re in California, it’s perfect.”

After receiving large orders at trade shows and lots of attention culminating in an offer to join a “Bake Off” on Food Network, which he tactfully declined, cookies became more his business than the insurance.

And he likes making people happy as a main job rather than as a sales gimmick, of the now 30 different craft flavors he offers he explains, “their either shortbread or sugar cookies, no eggs so they freeze well and last for weeks. I ship all over the country right now.”

The brownies and cinnamon rolls that people love to get with coffee and sit on the porch consuming are a little more traditional, but they all have one thing in common, “they bring pure happiness to people’s faces.”

Which is another reason, aside from work ethic, that he’s open every day of the week, including holidays, no Veterans Day or Thanksgiving off.

“I figure people need a place to come and get away for few minutes,” he said. “I’ll be here Thanksgiving and Christmas for them.”

Come Get Your Cookies is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m, at 420 S. Main St. in Templeton where you can get a deal, $7 for 13 cookies or $0.70 each or go online to order a variety at


Come Get Your Cookies owner Scott Beer is baking cookies out his shop in Templeton, the location formerly occupied by Dark Nectar Roasters. (Photos by Camas Frank)

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