The Leadoff: North County domination

What an amazing week for sports it has been. I currently live in San Luis Obispo and because of that I find myself hanging around many former south county athletes (i.e. Mission Prep, SLO High, Righetti, you get the picture) and I have been letting them have it. The North County teams are blowing the doors off South County teams in the spring and it makes me very happy.

Templeton’s softball team is still undefeated in the season (led by Ashley Daughtery, who may or may not have a rocket launcher attached to her right shoulder and also hits dingers), and the Eagles baseball team just took over sole possession of the Los Padres League after a big win on Thursday over Lompoc.

The Greyhounds baseball team has won 10 straight league games and are currently one game back of the Tigers for first place in PAC 8. The Meredith brothers have been using their twin telepathy to communicate while pitching (not serious, although maybe) and on Wednesday Nolan threw a complete game and struck out 10 in a 6-1 victory over Pioneer.

The Atascadero softball team has only lost two games all season and they came on the same day to the same team. With Bailey Doherty pitching, the Hounds have been unstoppable. Have you ever seen the old “Daredevil” movie with Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell? Well, Ferrell plays the role of this villain called Bullseye (because he never misses) and in the opening scene where we meet Farrell’s character, he throws, like, five darts into the bullseye of a dartboard on the wall in a bar, while he is NOT LOOKING and drinking a beer. Then he gets a phone call and puts his hand out to collect his money (he was hustling) and gives this coy little smile as the old man begrudgingly gives him the money.  Why do I bring this up? Because Doherty will strike out your whole team and then smile as she gleefully trots into the dugout, it is amazing, she is terrific.

Both Bearcat teams are currently in third place which means all the North County teams (in baseball and softball) are in the top three of league. I keep inviting my friends from SLO county to come watch games but they won't. I keep sending them videos of strikeouts and home runs are they can do nothing but agree that the north siders are on top! While we may all live in one harmonious county there is certainly a divide at the top of the grade, and while Bearcats and Hounds might be enemies on game day, we have a special kinship in that we grew up driving tractors, shooting squirrels and drinking Coors Light while those on the other side of the hill prefer IPAs with their pinky up.

I have even begun talking trash to people that live in SLO and aren’t even from there. If you get some free time in the next week I encourage pulling the lawn chair out of the ol’ garage, blowing the dust off it and taking enjoy a sunny 75-degree afternoon with a north county team beating up on a South County team.


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