The Leadoff: The best soap opera on TV

I know that I talked about the NBA last week but it is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Did you see what happened to the Golden State Warriors? If you don’t follow basketball the Warriors are essentially an NBA version of the MonStars from “Spacejam.” They won the most games in NBA history in 2016 at 73 and then added one of the best three players in the world to their team. The next season they had four all-stars on their team and ran through the league leaving carnage in their wake. Sure some people, cough haters, will tell you that maybe the San Antonio Spurs could have beat them the year they got their first title or that the Houston Rockets had a chance last year before Chris Paul got hurt but, deep down, when you’re alone, you know who would have won.

Many people argue that the Warriors are killing basketball and ruining the league even though they play the most selfless, purest, form of basketball imaginable and the NBA’s rating are consistently trending upward. They ping the ball around the arena like a group of seals in an aquarium trying to show out for a couple of fish heads.

This season they added A FIFTH ALL-STAR in Boogie Cousins. Again, when they did this somehow everyone got mad at the Warriors and not their own crappy general managers that didn’t make an offer to the 7-foot big man with a silky jumper and a thirst for technical fouls that we haven’t seen since Rasheed Wallace.

Coming into this season people were having conversations, or at least I was, about what it would take to make you confident in another team winning the NBA Finals this year. I wondered to myself, what if they all shot with their off-hand, would I think someone else had a chance then? No, probably not. What if all the Warrior players had to play in heels? See, now we’re talking. Personally, I still take Golden State because now Kevin Durant is 7-6 instead of 7-0 so good luck with that.

What if all the Warrior starters had to wear an eye patch? I think that might do it, I imagine that would throw off your depth perception pretty bad and it would be really hard to play defense with no peripheral vision. Anyway, the point remains, they are really good at basketball.

Earlier this week the Warriors lost their second game of the season to the Los Angeles Clippers but it wasn’t the loss that has everyone talking it’s the fight that happened after. It wasn’t a fight between the two teams but a fight between two players on the same team. Draymond Green is the emotional leader and enforcer on the Warriors and takes it upon himself to police the team. Sometimes this works great and others it doesn't. Sidenote, if you don’t know who Draymond is he is like the basketball version of Dbo from the movie “Friday,” except more handsome. If Draymond wanted to snatch my chain I would give it to him and half my mom’s jewelry too just make sure he was happy.

Anyways, he didn’t pass the ball at the end of overtime and actually turned it over. Durant, who has led the league in scoring four times, was upset Draymond didn’t pass him the ball and that's when the nuclear bomb exploded. According to reports, a fight broke out in the locker room following the game, not fisticuffs more like lipsticuffs (they were just shouting) and it resulted in Draymond being suspended one game without pay. Now the discussion begins, with Durant’s free agency looming at the end of the season what does everyone do?

I am a Warriors fan, but what I love more than the Warriors is chaos. As much as it pains me to say, I would love to see Durant pull some petty power moves off and get Draymond traded and then leave next year. Can you imagine what the All-Star draft would look like next year if Durant is hated by Draymond and Russell Westbrook AND all the Warriors?

I've heard the NBA be referred to as a soap opera for men, but I resent that because I know several women that know more about hoops than I do. The NBA is just a real-life soap opera for anyone and I highly recommend you start tuning in.


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