The Wellness Kitchen receives grant from local church

TEMPLETON — The Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center was awarded the “Unitarian Community Outreach Offering” on Dec. 11 from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo (UU of SLO). For a nonprofit to apply for this grant, they must be invited by UU of SLO.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo donates their second Sunday offering each month to a local nonprofit actively working directly with people in need in SLO county.  Their website states, “In the past seven years we have given away over $90,000 to worthy causes…”

“When someone is ill, we want to gather around and provide whatever is necessary to help the person in need,” writes founder and Therapeutic Chef Nancy Walker. “That’s what church families are all about. However, the tendency is to provide our friend in need with large, difficult to digest and assimilate meals, perhaps using ingredients that may cause inflammation in the body and not necessarily help in the process of healing. Not intentionally, but because we think it’s the right thing to do.”

That’s where The Wellness Kitchen comes to the community rescue. The Wellness Kitchen’s mission is to provide Healing Foods to those in critical need, along with education, resources, and nourishing meals for individuals wanting to regain or sustain optimal health.

“We feel it is important to guide our friends on the best foods to prepare for our loved ones during these difficult times,” adds Walker. “One of our classes in particular, “Therapeutic Cooking for Individuals Dealing with Illness” can be done in a church kitchen or someone’s home. This class gives guidance to those who are fixing meals on their own or bringing a meal to someone in need.”

Funds from this grant will be applied to the Education Programs at The Wellness Kitchen including expenses such as a traveling Chef; food prepared during class for guests to enjoy while discussing how to flavor the food for someone else; and their famous Healing Tea. Their classes include recipe copies and handouts.


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